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19 Beautiful & Soulful Photos of Happy & Dancing Parents in weddings

Divya Arora, 03 Mar 2019

At your wedding, if you're gonna look around, the happiest faces (even more than you) amongst everybody are going to be that of your mommy daddy. As much of an overwhelming and emotional journey your wedding is for you, it is for your parents as well. Their little munchkin has grown up to be getting married after all. Giving their all to you throughout their lives and also putting their heart and soul in your wedding preps even the world's appreciation and gratitude would fall short!

Scrolling through our Instagram feeds we chanced upon some breathtaking and heartwarming photos of parents captured all in their happy glory. And because we instantly fell in love with these beautiful "happy parents in wedding" photos, we had to put them together here. Dancing and telling the world of their unbound joy these happy parents in wedding photos are all charming and super cute.

These photos with contagious happiness are gonna leave your hearts so emotionally brimmed up just like they did to us. Hold your breaths, get your tissues handy and scroll below for some super stirring and moving "happy parents in wedding" photos.

Joyous and Soul Stirring Photos of Happy Parents in Weddings

That proud glow on the face of a father who's son has all grown up to be a groom!

Daddas walking their daughters down the aisle are surely the happiest.

Source Prune India

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Oh that big ear-to-ear smile on this dad's face!

When both your mom and mom-in-law absolutely love you to bits.

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When your parents are all set and in the mood for a happening celebration of your wedding!

Hearty laughs, giggles, and everything in between.

The unbound love her daddy has for her in this father-daughter photo is oh-so evident!

With happy hearts, broad grins, and souls full of love, this is one of the cutest "happy parents in wedding" photos.

Enjoying their grown up kiddo's wedding revelries in full swing.

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Proud and happy parents for their son's new beginning!

Wanna know what is genuine happiness? This is!

This dad is surely feeling on top of the world and can't hold it in. *happy tears*

Caught candidly in a lovely and delighful moment.

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What a heartwarming and overwhelming "happy tears" moment between a mommy and her kiddy.

 And of course, mom-dad ka performance toh banta hai!

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Feel like hugging your mommy daddy RN? We do!