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25+ Unique & Artsy Ideas to Get your Engagement Rings Photographed

Divya Arora, 08 Jan 2019

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For all the shine and sparkle that they gleam with, and for the huge investment that you've made in them, your wedding rings deserve to be photographed phenomenally. And as much care you've put into buying these symbols of love, adhering to how exceptionally they're being captured is essential too. Photos of your engagement rings are the "must have" element of your wedding photo album after all. And no, by that we don't mean the cliched "rings on a tray" photographs.

Your engagement ring photos require as much thought and detailed attention as your couple portraitsmehndi photos, chooda shots or solo portraits does. To ease up your task & fill you up with inspiration, we've chalked out some new and unique ways that you can bookmark to have your wedding rings photographed. They're beautiful, they're quirky and of course, new-age.

So get scrolling, get saving and get your wedding photo album the much needed trendy shots!

All the Pretty and Cool Wedding Rings Photo Ideas to Bookmark Now!

1. Of rocks, wood and leaves—of everything rustic! 

2. Flowers simply make everything and every photo pretty.

3. Beacuse your doggo comes before anything and everything. Even your bae!

4. A classic heart amidst the book pages for the couple who's amazingly old school.

5. An "up in the air" shot!

6. And who'd have thought that your bridal heels could make up for such pretty elements in your ring photos?!

7. For all the foodie couples! Ditch that ring platter for a food platter!

8. An ode to the fiery & passionate love that you two share!

9. A beautiful & uniquely clever play of hands.

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10. When your heart is in your ring!

11. Place them amongst some succulent planters inside a terrarium vessel for a unique kick!

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12. Against your wedding stationery and invites.

13. Rings on the crevices of the collar bones makes up for such an edgy idea.


Which idea did you like the most & how are you flaunting your wedding rings?