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Must Have Getting Ready Photos of Grooms 'Cuz the Shaadi Ki Album is Theirs Too!

Shweghna Gursahaney, 07 Jan 2019

Remember those days when the groom was too shy to get clicked while getting ready or even let a photographer step inside the room? Well, you can say goodbye to them because the grooms that we know now are all game to getting clicked while decking up for the D-day. We have spotted brides going all out and glam with their getting ready photos but now these dapper men are also sporting some spruce-y, edgy and modish shots for the camera.

If you camera-shy to-be-grooms are reading this, then you’re in luck because we have got you covered. We have found the perfect inspirations you guys can take to nail the ‘getting ready’ shots. Oh, and it covers every shot you can think of like tying your turban or fixing your bow-tie or even you wearing a watch! The best part is that your bride’s happiness will double once she gets a glimpse of your rocking shots. To make it more fun you both can always compare your ‘getting ready’ shots!

Get a good look at these pictures all you groom-to-be out there because we might have just managed to make your wedding shots a whole lot better.

Super Cool Getting Ready Photos of Grooms

Get snapped when a loved one is tying the safa!

Source Fotografia
Source Fotografia

And even while putting on a tie

Get ready while your furballs stroll and nap around you

Source Naman Verma

Let's not forget the must-have shot of putting on the sherwani

Can't let the expensive watch go out of focus now, can we?

Source Fhotofocus

Get caught candid with your best buds

Bring your outfit into limelight 

Source Oragraphy
Source Manan Mehta

And if you're tired of the paparazzi, take a nap with your clothes! 


Which shots are you lusting on? Let us know in the comments section below!