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40+ Brides Twirling in Colourful Lehengas look as Flawless as Ice Cream Swirls!

Bhavika Vallecha, 27 Dec 2018

Left: Wedding Tulips | Right: Beginnings For You

When brides-to-be ask us about what trends are ruling the wedding photography scenes today, we never forget to mention twirling photos to that list. They are super mandatory for brides today. Not just do they look absolutely mesmerizing, they are perfect to flaunt those heavily splurged on bridal lehengas. And it's moreover like, "Are you even a bride if you do not twirl around in your bridal lehenga?"

The best thing about twirling around and getting clicked is, even if you're a bridezilla through most of your wedding planning journey, these photos are sure to pull out the bridechilla within you which you always wanted to be. They're super fancy, flaunt-worthy (make sure you have a lot of can-can :P), immensely candid and the only free-spirited photos you'll have on your wedding day.

Need more reasons to get clicked while twirling around in your lehengas? Check out all the brides who looked flawless as an ice cream swirl twirling happily in their gorgeous lehengas. Get. Set. BOOKMARK!

Source Safarnama
Source Safarnama

When you're happy and you know it, take a twirl!


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