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21 Phera Ceremony Photos that are Immensely Heart-warming to Ogle At!

Divya Arora, 05 Jan 2019

Significant of the union of two people for the next seven births, "the saat pheras" is the most intense, emotionally warming and essential ritual of a Hindu wedding. As indispensable as the fun jaimala ceremony and soulful sindoor ritual is, the pheras upholds profound sacredness and divine meanings. No wonder the bespoke quintessence of the seven vows that a couple make to each other around the sacred fire is unmissably moving.

Sanctifying the union and bestowing social acceptance to marriage these surreal moments are the most overwhelming & holds a special place in everybody's hearts. And of course, needs to be captured in their truest magical essence. Cherishing and glorifying this heavenly ritual are these dreamy photos of couples snapped candidly amidst their saat phere that are sure to leave you filled with a sense of unbound happiness.

Check them out!

Dreamy Phera Photos Overflowing with Love & Surrealism


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