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"Ours Was An Arranged Marriage": Wedding Story Of Sowjanya & Vinay Captured Beautifully By Studio A

Neha Garg, 15 Sep 2015

Love begins in a moment, grows over time and lasts an eternity!!

The above quote stands apt for the couple, Sowjanya and Vinay, who met each other through families. Yes, sometimes, you don’t find love, but love finds its way to reach you, and the same happened here, when our beautiful bride lost her heart to a well-known Businessman, Vinay.

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How did you guys meet?

Sowjanya shares, ‘Our families arranged the first meeting. I usually take time to open up with people, on the other side, Vinay loves to talk and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. We spoke for a while, and realized, we have so much in common, from going to the same college to sharing the same name of our dad’s. After a lot of phone calls and meetings, we were sure, ‘this is the one’, and then got engaged. Our courtship period was about 7 months, that gave us time to get closer and know each other better. The days have just gotten happier after our wedding”.

The Pre-Wedding Function!



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The Bharathnatyam Dancer and The Businessman



The couple on the talented photographer, Amar Ramesh 
I have always been an admirer of his pictures and I am fortunate that we got them to do all our events. They just don’t take pictures, but build relationships, and that’s one beautiful quality in them. They are a team of skilled photographers with great ideas, their pictures tell a story in one frame. Right from the picture composition, editing, album design, picture layout, there’s so much eloquence in their work. Amar and his team are so passionate in what they do, which added a special spark in all our events! I strongly recommend them to everyone!! 

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The D-Day

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   27-06-2015- Vinay & Sowjanya-A001-198

Wedding Saree from Pythani and Blouse from Preeti Vaishali, Hyderabad

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29-06-2015- Vinay & Sowjanya-A003-289

  27-06-2015- Vinay & Sowjanya-A001-234

Sowjanya, on the makeup artist, Samantha Samantha is really great at what she does, she gave me the perfect look and made me feel so comfortable.

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   29-06-2015- Vinay & Sowjanya-A003-333

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One thing, that instantly made you fall in love with him?

27-06-2015- Vinay & Sowjanya-A001-157

He has the quality to make everyone around him smile. His presence just lights up the place, he has the magical positive energy.

Samantha, the makeup artist on our beautiful bride, Sowjanya She is very sweet, and open to experiments unlike many other brides. I had the privilege to do makeup on her for all the occassions. She has got beautiful features, which made my work easy. 

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A funny moment that happened at your wedding?

The funniest moment, when my awesome husband forgot to get his pants and Amar was waiting to do the couple shoot before the rituals started.

27-06-2015- Vinay & Sowjanya-A001-175

A moment that you would never forget from your wedding day!

As soon as we tied the knot, my dad shook hands with Vinay and kissed my forehead, that was the best and unforgettable moment for me.


A thank you note from the lovely bride:

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First, and the foremost, I want to thank my parents for giving me the best of the best always. And my In law’s, who treat me like their very own daughter, and everybody else who were a part of the celebrations and worked behind the screens to make our special day, the most special one. A big thank you to my cousins, friends, and my awesome batch XYGENZ. And finally, I want to thank God for always being there with me, nothing would have been possible without the blessings of my ammaamma and thathaiya.


Photographer: Studio A

Makeup Artist: Samantha- Vurve Signature Salon

Choreographer: Spring Boots Academy, Chennai

Stage decor: Pandiyan, Chennai

Shaadisaga wishes the couple, a journey of love and togetherness, ever and forever!