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Our Favorite Black & White Couple Shots that will win your Hearts

Divya Arora, 03 Sep 2018

It’s like they say when all your wedding revelries are done & dusted, all that remains are the memories and some amazingly beautiful photographs capturing the essence of it all for a lifetime. From poses to kinds of shots you desire, we know you have most of it planned already and probably even have them sorted out into colored and black and white.

Sure colored photos are all charismatic and exuberant and the happiness of all those colors popping out is undeniable. But whenever you come across a black and white photo, somehow your eyes tend to linger a wee bit more there and we’re sure about that. See, that’s the thing about black and white photos; they’re more expressive, emotionally connecting and heartwarming. It’s like these black and white shots have a soul of their own and they speak directly to your heart.

Since our previous “black & white bridal portraits” and “black & white portraits of grooms” blogs were so loved by you all, this time we bring to you portraits black and white shots for couples. Can you imagine the oh-so-magical intensity and surrealism of these shots already?

In fact guys, let’s get scrolling already!

Portrait Black and White Couple Shots

These oh-so mushy romantics are so heart warming, right?

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Have some unique shots to give that edge to your photo album

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These simply sweet black and white shots are so adorable

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Have all that fun captured in black and white frames

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The basic royal portraits are a must have in black and white. Period.

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So captivating these black and white couple shots are, isn’t it? Make sure to get yours too.