Ladies if you are all set to get hitched, then we have found the ultimate decoration idea that you can go with, for your upcoming winter wedding. Drumroll… We are talking about oonjal decoration ideas that you can pick for your mehendi function, wedding day or even for your haldi ceremony. Oonjals are fun, playful and look great on wedding functions. They are that added factor to your wedding decor that has all the charm. And you know what’s the best part about having these on your wedding? You’ll end up getting some stupendous images to cherish for a lifetime!

Trending Oonjal Decor Ideas 

Floral Oonjal Designs

Most of the oonjals come decorated in flowers only whether you talk about roses, baby breathes or lavenders. The reason is that flowers look beautiful on these plain swings and add all the beauty that there is to it. Go with a contrasting colour than that of your lehenga so that your lehenga doesn’t merge with the flowers and the photos come out great. If you’re confused about the colours, take inspo from these latest oonjal decoration ideas we have listed below! 

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Source Pinterest

Birds On Oonjal Are A Hit 

Are you wondering what we’ve written? Guys, we literally mean birds on oonjal as decor cuz that’s what is trending right now and that’s what will make your wedding stand out. It’s probably the most adorable thing you’ll see and we know this for a fact that you too would want to have these birds on your oonjal at your wedding. Also, imagine the gorgeous photos you’ll get! 

Go With A Marigold Oonjal For The Desi Vibes

All of us can associate marigold with Indian festivities no matter what the festival is. That’s why we can safely say that if you’re looking for a traditional decor on your wedding functions then simply look no further and pick marigold flowers. Marigold will make your oonjal look absolutely beautiful ladies. And, if you are going with marigold decor as a theme, oonjal will only add the beauty!

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Tropical Oonjals- Oh Yes! 

Miss vacationing and those tropical vibes one gets at a holiday? Then simply get the tropics to your upcoming wedding silly! Go with a tropical but original oonjal decor idea with the best quality of exotic flowers and plants.You can also have a few flamingos in the frame to transport everyone to a state of vacation on your wedding ladies. We guarantee, it is gonna be a hit! 

Traditional & Classic Oonjal Decor

If you’re not a fan of all things floral, might we suggest that you go forward with a classic and traditional oonjal? There’s no fuss for this kind of oonjal decor, your clothes will have all the attention and you can simply make the most of all things classic, ladies! 

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So which oonjal decor do you have your heart set on? Tell us in the comments section below!

Stunning Oonjal Decoration Ideas For A Winter Wedding Celebration!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Stunning Oonjal Decoration Ideas For A Winter Wedding Celebration!