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Ananda Mukerjei, 05 Mar 2015

7 days left for the "Big Day". Do's and Don't's for every bride. "
There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends."
- Homer For a union so sacred and beautiful, it is only fair that we want our special day to be as perfect as can be - the tent, decorated with all the much loved colors; the favor some food, tasted a King's standard; the caked topped with a chocolate couple that held hands; and the bridesmaids, beautifully dressed in gowns that completed the unsullied personalities of the Grand Wedding! Everything, but the bride! tumblr_l82325YTu81qdvraco1_500

In our need to make a ceremony astonishing, we forget to prepare ourselves - allow for us, the bride, to be for once, the center of all attention; His, Theirs and Everyone's. Here's how we can do it - with only seven days to go. Let our feet be not cold, but prepared to walk gracefully into his life. Put a smile on your beautiful face, and Start Reading!

1. Put Everything Down On A List

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Be it on your phone, or a notepad - having lists can never be more important than before your wedding (Smart phones have actually made it a lot better and easier). Also make sure you consult the people around you, be it your fiancé, your friends or your family - the things they might come up with, may have never transpired to you at all!

2. Get Your Basics Right


Only a week to go, so you'd rather have everything in place and decided for the big day. Go out, get your dress altered, or your cake flavors changed if you want it (Excited? Well, I can certainly imagine that). But do it all before you run out of time - you'd not want to be crammed with work at night before your wedding, right?

3. Have A Dress Rehearsal

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If you have attended more than one wedding in your lifetime, you'd know how the bride ends up with a debacle of face makeup. If you'd want to evade that, go out to new places and have try outs of their wedding make-up. If the budget restricts, trust only your regular salons for the Big-Day, instead of experimenting.

4. Prepare Yourself For The Wedding Night


If you've fallen in love, the wedding will only be like an exclusive congratulatory public announcement of your relationship. But if it’s an arranged marriage, more often than not, thinking of our wedding night - the first, with our to-be-husband - might unnerve us to no end. Build a relationship before you get married - or at least a friendship, if no more - if you want to wake up happy from your honeymoon night.

5. Alter The Course Of Mother Nature


If your wedding coincides with your period date, consult a gynecologist and use a medicine to either postpone or prepend it. Who wouldn't want a happy, stain free wedding? The most imperative thing to commit to memory, however, would be to sit back and take a deep breath. It is not an exam, not a performance - it is your Wedding, and nothing in this world should take away the pure bliss of getting married to the love of your life. Being too prepared can never be a bad thing, but don't let the ritual of it get to you. You may be nervous, but make a celebration of it. Happy Getting-Married, Women! THIS OR, srkgif2



Getting Married?

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