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"One Wedding, One Life, One Us": The Story Of Our Bubbly Bride Gina with Tariq!

Neha Garg, 31 Aug 2015

How many times have you watched a movie, and thought to yourself, “Meh! Are they kidding? This doesn’t happen in real life!”. Today, let’s bust this myth. Truth is, there are some love stories in this world that are way, way better and more real than any Bollywood movie you may have ever seen. One such epic love story is that of Gina Khan, and Tariq Rehman. 106. XT1S5556_edit
Love across borders ain’t easy by any means, but Gina makes us believe otherwise. We’re still reeling from how perfect their love story is, but first, let’s talk about the wedding. Gina walks us through the entire ceremony in her own bubbly way.

Bridal Shower


  Sometimes, you just know if a wedding is love or arranged, or both, isn’t it? While we’d like to believe that we kind of figured it out, we couldn’t help but ask Gina about her story. Here’s what she replied: Tariq and I met at York University in Toronto. We were friends for a couple years until our lives took us in different directions. 3 years later, we reconnected and through mutual friends and phone calls that lasted forever, we slowly realized how right we were for each other. It was time to involve our families and get their blessings; Tariq flew to Abu Dhabi to get his parents blessings, which led to a road trip for me and my family to the Maryland, United States, to meet his family. That very same “meeting” turned into an unexpected baat-pakki, and a ring was put on me to say, “We’re getting MARRIED!”

And, the proposal?

This is easily one of our favorites. Brace yourself for some serious treasured love:

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Tariq and I went with a bunch of friends to the resort town of Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, and stayed at a log cottage. On a magical morning, Tariq invited me for a walk. I came across some logs with a hidden book wrapped In a beautiful cloth. It was a custom made book with over 100 pages each with a line written in calligraphy with a reason to why he loved me. The last page said, “Will you marry me?” I turned around and Tariq was on his knees with a beautiful ring open in a box and expressing why our friendship, which sprouted into love and a beautiful relationship was something we would both want for life. Obviously---I said yes. At the end when we walked back inside our friends were playing “Le Jayenge Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”.

Mehendi Function

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The wedding photography was done by Anand, Abhishek Scariya and Sushma Rao from Creative Chisel, who, we think, has simply done a marvelous job. Here’s what she had to say about the team: Creative Chisel was more like having family at your wedding. They were very supportive through each step and managed to go above and beyond, in what they delivered. They captured the beauty, the love, and purity of my wedding and of my roots. They are so creative, and caring, and truly care about you and what you envision for your wedding day.! I could not be more pleased than to have had them at our wedding, and to call them friends for life!

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076. XT1S5451_edit

The Wedding Day

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 Bridal Wedding Outfit: A three piece outfit from Chandan fashions, Toronto

185. DSC_2980_edit

Photographer on the beautiful couple

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When we spoke to Gina and Tariq, we instantly fell in love with their idea of having the wedding in a simple ceremony back in their hometown of Srinagar. Gina loved the idea of showcasing the beauty of both the land and the wedding and hence, especially the wedding film depicts both the beauty of the place called Kashmir and their love story coming together in this paradise. We wish them all the best and we thank both their families for taking care of us in such a kind manner.

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254. XT1S6453_edit

Gina on the makeup artist, Saba: She was a life saver! She arrived on time, kept me calm and collected, beautifully did my makeup and hair, helped with the setting of my outfits, as well as provided artistry advice along the way. I was very grateful for her presence on my Mehendi and wedding day.

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095. XT1S5519-Edit_edit_0  3

Makeup Artist Saba on the Bride, Gina A bride like Gina is the dream of every makeup artist. A perfectionist from choosing the attire to the jewelry, venue to the menu. For her hair and makeup, she explained to me how she envisioned her look for each event and then let me do what i had to without any interference. The best part was she only wanted to look into the mirror once completely done. And thankfully, on each occasion, she loved the look. 

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What was that one moment that stood out the most? Gina replies:

An interesting moment for me was at my reception, when my husband who doesn’t dance at all, got up and did a choreographed performance just to make me smile. One of the reasons I know I’ll be smiling with him forever.

Awh! As for the unforgettable moments, we were sure there must have been hundreds of them! But, this is what, according to Gina, the highlight of the ceremony:

One moment I will never forget is when I hugged my sister after we had officially been married. I was in tears, and every childhood memory in my life flashed through my mind. 202. XT1S6249_edit  216. XT1S6275_edit

Moving on, we were curious to know from both the bride and groom if they’d like to say a few words to each other. Their responses make us go weak in our knees: Gina: My husband is my best friend, he sits through all my Bollywood movies and crazy moods. He’s opened me up to so many new things in life - travels, cuisine and so much more. He grounds me in so many ways, and I could not imagine anyone better, to call my soul mate, and better half for the rest of my life. Tariq: Gina has filled my life with joy since the day I met her. She is the love of my life, and I cannot wait to grow old with her.

127. DSC_2750_edit

Finally, we asked Gina if she’d like to thank anyone. Needless to say, she was all smiles and grateful to everyone:

I want to take a moment first and foremost to thank our wonderful families for all of the work and love they put into bringing us together. I would also like to thank all our vendors and service providers, from the photographers to the decorators. Next, I’d like to thank Anand and Sushma and the Creative Chisel team for their beautiful work in taking our pictures and providing a stunning video highlight for us. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to relive our precious memories so beautifully. (I watch it EVERY DAY!)

For our Toronto reception I would like to thank Pixel Perfect for their great work and for capturing our memories throughout the night with their photography skills, RoStudios for their entertaining photo-booth, which was a hit with the guests, and our amazing dhol playing DJ from Dhol Toronto, who kept us on our feet the entire night!

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The beauty of Kashmir and the love between the two, is wonderfully shot in this video by Creative Chisel Team!



Mehendi venue: Pine Spring Hotel, Srinagar Kashmir

Wedding Venue: Pine Spring Hotel, Srinagar. Kashmir

Walima: Hyson Heritage Hotel, Kerala

Reception: Capitol Banquet Hall, Toronto

Wedding Photographer: Creative Chisel (Anand, Abhishek Scariya and Sushma Rao)

Makeup Artist: Saba Shafi

 Shaadisaga wishes the happy couple a lifetime of happiness, and loads of adventures ahead!