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Officially Announcing Our Super-Saver Wedding Photography Packages!

Shinjini Chawla, 13 Jul 2017


You know how we LOVE making wedding planning easy, right?

 And what’s the one thing that’s super duper hard for couples to sort out? Photography!

 You have to reach out to atleast a dozen photographers, negotiate rates with them (pre-wedding shoots cost how much?!), and at the end of all that talk about candid vs traditional and pre-wedding shoots and photo album costs, you’re left wondering if you’re going to have to sell a kidney to afford what you want.

Can’t I just find a photographer who will give me everything I need in under 1 lakh?

 Hello! You’re on Of course, we’re going to help you with that.

 We Hear You

The one thing we’ve been hearing from couples for years is that they want a candid photographer in a traditional photography package and decent videos - all in the 50K to 1 Lakh range. When they further add photo albums and pre-wedding shoots costs to the total amount, they are left holding their heads in their hands. Negotiating is equally hard, and finalising a package that is fair to both the couple and the photography team (in terms of payment policies, deliverables, etc) is a huge headache.

 Our team got together at the end of 2016 to figure this out once and for all - how can we make booking wedding photographers easy?

What We Did About It: Created A One-Stop Solution For All Your Photography Needs

Earlier this year, we rolled out 5 Photography Packages across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore where everything is pre-decided:

- Fixed rates (packages ranging from 45,000 to 1.2 lakh only <3)

- Pre-negotiated terms and conditions (because let’s be honest, no one finds bargaining pleasant!)

- Handpicked candid & traditional photographers that are best in their category

- No hidden charges!

All that you have to do?

Step 1: Select your package on this page

Step 2: Click Request To Book

Step 3: RELAX!

 A ShaadiSaga Wedding Manager will get in touch with you and get it all done. You’ll only need to pay the advance to finalise the booking.

Easy, right?!

We know how hard it is to get candid included in under 1 lakh for a 2-day wedding event. (our cheapest 2 day package is 75k!)

How pre-wedding shoots are expensive additions at 20-25k. (ours only cost 12k!)

How negotiation is a pain, plus there’s always doubt about whether you are getting the best price. (we have a best-price guarantee that’s genuinely the lowest in the market!)

It does NOT get better than this, peeps.


We launched these Super-Saver packages a couple of months back, and we’re officially announcing that they are now available to book in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

It’s the easiest AND cheapest way to get the BEST wedding photographs. And no, you will NOT get this anywhere else! Pukka, promise!

 We have no hidden agenda and no hidden charges here. Get city-wise and package-wise details here.