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October Favorites: 19+ Bookmark-worthy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Divya Arora, 01 Nov 2018

With the wedding season brimming its peak and your wedding dates nearing, so many of you would have decided upon on your wedding looks, almost completed your shopping and finalized your wedding decor too. But, the thing with wedding decor is that there's always a little room left for new additions and changes in case you come across something that tugs at your heart. Which is why our this time's decor favorites blog is essential for you. 

Basically, we've spotted some real crazy decor ideas that we're sure you would love to incorporate at your wedding. This month we landed up on some major decor inspiration that we believe you ought to check out before everything is done and dusted. Go have a look!

Majorly Inspiring Wedding Decor Favorites

1. An all floral and purple heavenly affair!

A gorgeous entrance done in ferns and white hydrangeas amped up with purple lighting!

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2. A bewitching golden setting.

This warm outdoor setting with drapes, hanging foliage and fairy lights are worth having!

3. A scintillating ombre decor under the shining sun.

The ombre effect created using everything yellow, peach, orange, pink and red is so soul rejuvenating.

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4. A never seen before illuminated walkway!

This 'Kobe Luminaire Festival' inspired entrance made with individual handcrafted panels, thousands of miniature bulbs & colored wood carvings is so unique & grand.

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5. A glorious contemporary mandap setting.

This beautifully crafted metal mandap laden with gorgeous florals & finished with custom crown flower stick infusions is designed for a fairytale garden feels.

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6. Cascading metal balls for a magical ceiling.

This ceiling with metallic balls hanging with beaded strings is just perf!

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7. A fairy light fountain!

How unique and ingenious is this shimmery fairy light fountain, right?

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8. A dazzling lit up entrance.

A walkway ceiling done in cascading florals, shimmery strings and lamps lit up with pink lights.

9. A candle and fairy-lit walkway adorned with florals.

Just imagine walking through this lit entrance done in colorful flowers and tuberoses!

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10. Florals galore!

What a beauty this absolute floral and fern mandap is!

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11. A dreamy and refreshing stage setting.

Having this decor with floral cascading adornments and greens with little chandeliers is a big yay!

12. A charming entry that has our hearts.

This entry done in red and gold drapes, antique flower vases and quirky elements is super edgy.

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13. A surreal walk into new beginnings!

And how gorgeous is this fairy lit entrance to the venue?!

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14. A unique rustic and floral seating for the bride!

This stunning tree of life setting made with thousands of branches, intricately woven flowers and lights with a jhula seating for the bride is a MUST have! Period.

15. Dreamy & soothing corner cum photo-ops.

With candles and vases put together, corners like these make up for perfect photobooths.

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16. A stunning lit-up tree installation.

An exceptionally done tree made with branches and flowers beautified with hanging candle motifs and crystal strings.

Source Mogra House

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17. A lit-up affair for a bar ceiling.

An enchanting bar ceiling curated with lush greens, chandeliers, fairy lights, and lamps.

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18. An offbeat glass panel bar setup.

A carousel inspired setup done at the bar made of mirror panels and bulb lit borders. So different!

19. We're majorly eyeing this hanging lotus ceiling

Huge lotuses hanging from the ceiling along with mogra strings and pastel drapes are a super interesting way to perk up your mehendi or even pheras.

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20. An elegant decor with glass mandap and chair? Yass!

This glass mandap setting adorned simply with pink-hued florals is so mesmerizing! And what a cherry on top is that aisle decorated with antique vases and rose petals.

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21. Metallics and roses for a modish vedi.

This dome-shaped mandap heavily decorated with roses, shimmery pillars, and golden elements has just won our hearts!

22. A quaint corner!

How wonderfully is this tree decorated with fairy lights and colorful paper lamps!

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Start bookmarking your favorites right away!