Wedding Cakes

New Wedding Cake Trends We're Completely Gushing Over!

Bhavika Vallecha, 03 Jan 2018

We're all aware of the customized fondant cakes that became a huge rage ever since it started. Since then, we've been incorporating them into birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and everywhere. Time to break the monotony and get your hands on something new and fresh. Just so you're not left living under the rocks, we are here to inspire you with some newness!

Check out these cool wedding cake trends that are sprawling all over the internet in no time. 

1. Suspended Cakes

2. Tiered With Cupcakes 

3. Brush Strokes

4. Metallic Touches

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5. Hand Painted Details 

6. Macaroon Tower

7. Hanging Cakes

8. Upside Down Cakes

9. Piled up Donuts

Unique or Boring; Tell us in the comments below!