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Never Seen Before Pre-Wedding Shoot Of A Bride With Her Bro-Maids!

Devika Sinha, 19 May 2017

Source 9gag

Talk about kicking stereotypes in the nuts!

This bride, a computer engineer, and a 9Gager had no girlfriends to be her bridesmaids. So guess what she did? (Well she and her fantastically sporting guy friends)

This crisis was cleverly resolved as she did an amazingly out-of-the-world photoshoot with all her male friends.

Check out how wonderfully cute this shoot turned out to be!


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They went all out in this one for her and it's totally aww-dorable!

Source 9gag

Who needs girlfriends when your guy friends are that excited about your wedding dress!

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Shots, shots and shots!

Source 9gag

This has to be the IDEA OF THE YEAR!

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If you’re the girl who has more of guy friends, make sure you get such an adorably different photoshoot with them at your wedding!