This Fairytale Intimate Wedding of Neha & Harsh Will Put a Smile On Your Face!

Manvi Malhotra, 27 Aug 2020

LOVE. We all fall in love and that is why we are suckers for romantic wedding celebrations. All weddings around the world are all about love and enjoy with the ones closest to you. But all weddings need to start somewhere, be it a love marriage or an arranged union, right?

There is always a beautiful story behind a wedding and that is what makes it special, just like the story of this cutesy couple - Neha and Harsh. They met at a club, got together, planned a huge wedding five years later and ultimately got married in a gorgeous intimate ceremony at a hotel in Pune. Sounds dreamy, no? Well, it is!

Introducing Neha & Harsh's Intimate Wedding in Pune 

Before showing you pictures of their stunning wedding functions, let’s tell you a little bit about the lovebirds and how they met. Neha and Harsh met 6 years ago at a club and were instantly attracted to each other as soon as their eyes met. They were later introduced to each other by a common friend and after that, there was no looking back. It was as if they had each other at hello! Cut to 5 years later, Neha and Harsh had planned a gorgeous big, fat wedding on 24th May 2020 but the celebrations had to be postponed given the COVID-19 situation. They were upset because they had to face cancellations from vendors and plan the wedding again later. Understandable, right? We cannot even imagine the situation they must have been in. But then, something beautiful happened!

After considering everything and once things started opening back up, Neha and Harsh decided to rise to the occasion and make their wedding happen, not with a 400-invitees guest list but with the closest 50 guests. 

In their own words, "Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so why wait for more if you have planned your big day already? What is better than being quarantined with your life partner post-wedding? Even we had big plans but trust us, this wedding was a dream come true. Our closest friends and family who actually cared about us were there and enjoyed the ceremony. So our suggestion is - don’t worry, if you want to get married, do so with your closest people around, no matter what!"

Well said, guys! Marriage indeed is about you, your partner and your near and dear ones. You don’t necessarily need a huge guest list or elaborate celebrations to enjoy it. An intimate wedding can be just as beautiful (and sometimes more!) as a big fat one. Neha and Harsh’s wedding is a great example of this.

The couple decided to have a small wedding, keeping all safety measures in mind and taking necessary precautions too. They quarantined themselves at home before the wedding, consulted their local police station before they planned anything, ensured safety measures were being taken while preparing food etc. and lo & behold - their stunning wedding took shape in front of their eyes!

Haldi Ceremony With All  The Safety Precautions

Their pre-wedding functions took place at their residences and the wedding ceremony at Hotel Conrad, Pune. There were mandatory temperature checks happening for all the guests and the staff. Sanitizers, masks and gloves were compulsory for everyone present there. For the haldi function at her house, Neha opted for a simple bright yellow saree and floral jewellery. She looked simple and sublime, glowing with the bridal glow. The decoration at their houses was taken care of by the couple and their family itself, but for the wedding, it was the venue’s responsibility which worked out great.

Intimate Wedding With Closest 50 Guests

The wedding venue looked heavenly with a backdrop of flowers, that made for a gorgeous background for a photoshoot. The floral mandap was done up beautifully with tuberoses and roses. For the wedding function, the adorable couple decided to go for coordinated outfits. While Neha wore a beautiful red embroidered lehenga from Kalki Fashion, Harsh wore a beige-coloured sherwani with the exact same embroidery as that on Neha’s lehenga. So cute! In addition, the couple even got customised matching masks to go with their outfits. Cool, right? Embracing the #NewNormal like pros, Neha and Harsh!

Neha paired her red lehenga with contrasting heavy jewellery in Kundan and pastel turquoise-toned beads. It gave her a very royal bride kinda look. Since it was a day wedding, she opted for a bun hairdo and light makeup with smokey eyes for a little bit of dramatic effect. Neha’s makeup and hair were done by the renowned Pune makeup artist Amrit Kaur and all the beautiful moments from their intimate wedding were captured by Stars Aligned Studio.

Neha and Harsh's beautiful intimate wedding ceremony was a total hit. The happy faces and bright smiles in the pictures say that clearly. When asked if they wanted to host another big wedding once things settled down, they said, "We might host a reception party for people who couldn’t make it to the wedding celebrations, but that is something only the future will decide." 

This wedding was truly unique and beautiful and it made us smile warmly. We hope it did the same for you! And to all the brides and grooms who had to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19, there always hope guys. If Neha and Harsh could make it happen for themselves, you can too!

Wedding Vendors 

Wedding Photographer: Stars Aligned Studio | Wedding Venue: Conrad Pune | Bridal Outfit: Kalki Fashion | Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Amrit Kaur Artistry 


What a beautiful #intimatewedding, right? Share what did you like the most in this wedding in the comments section below!