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"My Mehndi Outfit Tore Minutes Before I Had To Go Down..." : What I Finally Wore

Tanya Puri, 25 Sep 2017

February 2017- The time that I knew was forever going to stay etched in my heart; it was THE wedding month! We were all going to move to a resort in Chattarpur for four days of non-stop fun and frolic. The outfits were packed (or so I hoped for!) and the cars were ready to move. I was beyond elated to finally see my relatives flying in from all parts of the country- little did I know how one of them is going to give me one of the biggest nightmares of my life! 

My parents and I settled on the idea of an outdoor mehndi function with blush-pink as the theme colour. While I knew of my parents and sister to not have complimenting outfits with the decor (being lazy bums!), I particularly sat down and designed an Anarkali keeping the colours of my floral background in mind- with gold motifs on it, I knew I had found the outfit of my dreams without breaking the bank. 

The morning of my mehndi was here and while there were absolutely no rules at the wedding for elders or children alike, the only one that I stressed upon repeatedly was not one person in my room while I get ready! I was scheduled to do my mother’s and my own make-up in my her room next to mine, which is exactly when things went wrong.  

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I dropped the dress off on the couch from the wardrobe expecting no one to enter my room in my absence. I was in a rush so I never realised that I'd left the door slightly ajar, leaving the perfect opportunity for my curious little cousins to get in. 

I returned to a shredded and a dirty mess. They'd gotten a little too much into exploring the giant pink mass that was my dress and used it as a mat to dance and jump on, which left some tears in the bottom part itself. I found myself in tears, not knowing what to do, just 2 hours before the function started! 

Thankfully, my mom being the superwoman she is, had carried an old favourite outfit just incase some mishap happened (how do mothers always know?!) Here’s how my mother and her best friend who runs a boutique in Gurgaon DIY’ed a two year old suit to something more appropriate for my mehndi function: 

- We took the plain black and pink border from the new dupatta and placed them on top of the old beige dupatta fabric to give it a new look!

- We could have opted to add new embroidery to the old suit even if we had half a day with us but what we chose to do instead was remove the entire border and embroidery from the torn outfit and had my designer aunt patch them onto the old suit fabric! (Couldn’t have missed the beautiful border!) 

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Additionally, we removed and put in a bit of can-can at the bottom to retain the look while I swirl and twirl in happiness. 

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I now matched a few of my friend’s jewellery with the outfit as originally I wasn’t supposed to wear any. It came together beautifully and as much as the dress mishap seemed like the end of the world- it most definitely wasn’t! You can easily avoid them or at the very least, do some quick damage control if need be.