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Mushy Ideas to Surprise your Hubby-to-be on Day of the Wedding

Anupriya Khanna, 27 Oct 2018

The big day has finally arrived! You had been waiting for this day for ages and now that it's finally here, you ought to make sure it's every bit special. Not just for you but for your hubby-to-be too! After all, he deserves a special reward for bearing with your drama and handling your shizz all this while (and still having enough courage to marry you! :P) So, it's time you thank him for all those efforts & care with a sweet little surprise. 

To make your job easier we've listed some cutesy ways you can surprise your hubby-to-be on your wedding day. Go, get your mandatory dose of inspiration and don't forget to incorporate at least one of these for him on your special day. Believe us, there's no better occasion than your own wedding day to show him what he means to you! 

Uber-cute ways to Surprise your hubby-to-be on the Wedding Day

A special dance performance for him on his fav song

Who says you've gotta have 'em moves like Katrina to surprise your hubby-to-be? All it takes is a list of his favorite songs and you groovin' at it, to make him go all googly eyes on the big day. Especially when it comes as a surprise package, it is even better! 

A quick selfie after you've got ready

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What better way to surprise your guy and stir up his excitement on the D-day than by sending him a quick sneak-peek from your wedding day look? We're sure that one look would be enough for you to make him go gaga over you and even reach the mandap before time. But make it a point that you don't reveal your entire look and only share either half of your face or hints of it to keep him guessing.

Send across a surprise gift through his friend

You must have pampered him with a gift or two, every now and then but he would least expect to get one from you on the wedding day (because there's already too much going on). So, make good use of this great opportunity and surprise him with a gift like a personalized bow tie or a gaming console he had long wanted to buy. Ask his best friend to help you in this by taking charge of delivering the gift to him on time.

Leave him a secret love note before walking down the aisle

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Even in these times when WhatsApp messages and Instagram captions have become the new thing amongst couples, the essence of handwritten love notes is still unmatchable. So, how about you surprise your hubby with a cutesy love note right before walking down the aisle. Just pen down a cute proposal in the note and by the time he finishes reading it (and gushing over it), appear in front of him like a Ginnie and pop the question one last time- "Will you marry me?"

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Get his ring monogrammed with a cutesy message

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If you guys are planning to exchange the rings on the wedding day, another way you can amaze him and make it more special for him is by getting his wedding ring monogrammed with your initials, the wedding date or anything that is close to his heart. He'll definitely love this gesture of yours and each time he'll look at the ring, it'll remind him of you.

Put together a groom's survival kit for him

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How about you assemble a survival kit full of goodies and essentials for him? Take a small bag and stuff it with things like a pair of personalized cuff links, a tie, a pair of socks, a shoe shiner, a monogrammed hipflask, a mini shaving kit, few mints, and a deodorant maybe. After you're done assembling it, get it delivered to him and we're sure he won't be done thanking you.

Get his favorite artist to perform at the wedding

If there's a particular artist, a singer or a band that he religiously follows, you know you don't have to think even twice and get him onboard to perform at your wedding. Also, don't forget to tell him about your hubby's favorite songs, so he or she can sing all his favorites and make it even more special for him.


Which idea are you picking to surprise your hubby-to-be with? Let us know in the comments.