No matter how old you get, you will always need your mom for isn’t it this superwoman in our life who manages to make everything somehow so much better? Mothers are the first best friend, a human diary and the one person you can confide in during all your good and bad times. Yes, we absolutely cannot stop raving about these superb ladies! 

And, that’s why on account of Mother’s Day, we have found the most adorable mother-daughter wedding shots that will simply leave you in a state of awe and will make you want to give your mommy dearest a tight hug. Hold your tissue boxes closer because it's going to be one emotional ride! 

The Most Beautiful Mother-Daughter Wedding Shots

One Where She Gets You Ready For Your Big Day

As much as we women grow up dreaming about our big day, our mothers equally do. For them, it is a bittersweet feeling so it is natural that they should be the ones to get you ready for your big day. Lucky for you, we did manage to find numerous photos of mothers getting their daughters ready and these shots are so beautiful that we know you’re gonna be bookmarking all. Scroll below and see for yourself, ladies!

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Candid Shots That Captured The Best Moments

Is there even a discussion that candid shots have the best shots of people at weddings? Be it the bride and groom or the mother of the bride and the bride herself, candids are the most memorable and surreal shots one can get on the big day which is why we hunted for these lovely shots. Get ready to see a plethora of emotions in these wedding pictures. 

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Hugs Can Never Be Overrated 

We have always been suckers for hugs and now that we have found so many gorgeous mother-daughter hugging shots, we’ve fallen more in love with hugs. The amount of emotions one feels is clearly visible in these shots which is why we mostly see these with parents. So, scroll below and get ready to witness some stupendous shots! 

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We Are Rooting For These Forehead Kisses

We’ve kept the best one for the last simply because if the above categories couldn’t make you cry then this one sure would. Mothers love with their whole heart and all the blessings, wishes and kisses we get from them comes straight from their heart which is why these forehead kiss mother-daughter photos are so so so special.


Wishing all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. We cannot emphasize enough that you ladies play a pivotal role in making us who we are today! 

#MothersDaySpecial: Mother-Daughter Shots That Will Make You Hug Your Mom!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

#MothersDaySpecial: Mother-Daughter Shots That Will Make You Hug Your Mom!