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Most Common Mistakes Brides Make While Selecting Their Bridal Lehenga

Sanchita Sehgal, 12 Jan 2018

The first thing that pops up in a bride's mind after the wedding dates are finalized is getting on the field to begin the hunt for her perfect bridal lehenga. You can’t wait to do the recce and try the 2378th design just to have that "I have found it" moment. You know your perfect color shade and of course, you have an entire folder on your phone with reference pictures from various designers and you are all set to lose the cash. But, before you loosen your pocket to spend on your D-day outfit, we want you to pay some attention here. Obviously, to make your life easier, we have noted down some common mistakes which every bride is expected to fall for while finalizing her bridal outfit. Keep the excitement & senses intact, ladies!

Not paying any attention to the blouse

We have said it before. Mostly your photographs will be done while sitting down and your blouse is what's going to show the most. Don't keep it as a reconsideration. You need to pay special attention to the color, cut, design and the length of the blouse and how vivacious it makes you look since the blouse is the next thing in focus after your pretty dolled up face. Also, people tend to fall for that gorgeous exaggerated ghera that they forget they have another big element of the outfit too—the blouse.

Taking two dupattas just because everyone does

It is not necessary to carry every ongoing trend, not all lehengas stand in need for two dupattas. Especially, if you have a lehenga which has a lot going on with a lot of different colors. Sometimes, one color tone makes you stand out completely, unnecessary additions to doll up your bridal look can sometimes make you look gaudy an OTT. 

Not choosing the right sleeve length

While merely admiring the lehenga and its huge drool-worthy ghera, most brides tend to ignore the length of the sleeves, which is indeed one of the basic rules to keep in mind while selecting your lehenga. Some brides think, they have an amazing figure and can carry cut sleeves or half sleeves, but these type of designs will not look so royal. Prefer choosing elbow or three-quarter sleeves as they hold the potential to glorify your bridal look.

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Not keeping jewellery in mind while deciding the lehenga

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Your D-Day jewellery is a much more expensive affair than your lehenga. It makes a fine sense to always keep in mind the jewellery that you bought or you are about to buy (as some brides take it after taking wedding lehenga, which is actually not a wise option). Your lehenga can be customised but it is a hard nut to crack to get your jewellery fixed as per your outfit. According to that, you can also go ahead with the customisations of the blouse, neckline, and the kind of work your lehenga should carry. 

Not experimenting with different styles & colors

If you had your heart set on a pink fuschia lehenga with heavy motifs, but it is not fitting you right and out of your budget too. Don't be rigid and be free enough to try some other style and colors. If you will be open to experiment and get your hands on something new and offbeat, you will surely add that oomph factor to your wedding look. 

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