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November Favorites: Unique & New-age Decor Ideas for your Winter Wedding

Divya Arora, 03 Dec 2018

And it's officially "Hello December!" time which means so many weddings and inspirations along with. And well, of course, Christmas too!! *happy dancing already*

As December has set in so has our new blog on monthly decor favorites. New elements to incorporate and freshest of ideas to inspire your wedding decor sums up our "November Decor Favorites" in a line. For some hottest of finds, new-age trends, and decor that'll make you go wow, let's hop right into this!

Our November Decor Favorites Brimming with Uniqueness

1. An entry that would export you straight to a wonderland.

This archway installation done in a variety of white blooms is surreally out of this world.

Source Tanvi & Co.

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2. Make that grand statement entry!

A grand walkway made of branches amped up with plenty of colorful flowers.

3. A breathtaking Indigo ceiling.

A cascading Jodhpur inspired Indigo ceiling.

4. A stunning "Lavender fields of Provence" inspired day setting.

A gorgeous wedding day decor in hues of lavender and with an edgy chrome metallic aisle.

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5. Such a surreal photo op!

White blooms, greens, candles, and lights—what a perfect pretty corner!

Source Tanvi & Co.

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6. A minimalistic and fine mandap setting at Disney World.

This all-white draped minimal mandap adorned with beautiful light hued flowers has our hearts!

7. Unique multi-hued elemental decor.

And how edgy and raw is this Rajasthan inspired cascading tree decor.

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8. Dreamy lit up tablescapes!

Done fully in greens and roses with hanging candle baubles, such table settings are a must for outdoor seatings.

Source Tanvi & Co.
Source Tanvi & Co.

9. Never seen before handcrafted decor installations.

Done for a welcome dinner, this aesthetic art is inspired by Sunderbans and are handcrafted by local craftsmen.

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10. A perfect mix of lights and everything pretty.

This outdoor setting for a welcome dinner done with fairy lights, flowers, and hanging greens is so magical. And not to miss out on the wall of hand-painted poppies.

Source Rani Pink

11. For a Chinoiserie style Boho vibe.

A beautiful canopy of Chinoiserie detailed Indigo parasols with lots of coral florals.

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12. A magical pink and white setting.

This mandap setting for Anand Karaj completely decked up with white and pink-hued florals.

13. A floral arched mandap!

A heavenly arched mandap made with a plethora of roses in hues of white and pink. The absolute garden feels!

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14. A perfect shimmery bar decor.

With engraved mirror paneling on the sides and strings and lightbulbs making up the bar ceiling, this bar setup is just perfect for a starry night.

15. An exquisite dining setting.

A scintillating dining setting created under a Rajasthani tent beautified with white tuberoses and greens.

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16. A pristine white and green affair.

A mandap setting heavily laden with white flowers and greens.

17. An offbeat installation.

A reflective heavily floral installation.

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18. What an exemplary use of threads!

An out of the box entrance created with threads.

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