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Modern & Traditional Haldi Ceremony Decor Ideas We Recommend!

Bhavika Vallecha, 04 Jun 2018

We've been seeing a lot of couples take even the smallest of functions to all new levels and it's fascinating to have discovered so many new ideas for Haldi ceremony. It's true that Haldi ceremony is the not-so-elaborated function as compared to a Sangeet or a Cocktail, but also true is the fact, it has the most scope of undisturbed fun and jazz, and all you need to make sure of is, you have the right vibe involved. The most important thing which could create just THE right vibe (after your loved ones) is, of course, the decor.

Here are a few ideas to jazz up your Haldi ceremony just like any other ceremony. They are jaunty, minimal, peppy & trendy!

1. Eclectic Decor for a different dimension

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2. Modern decor with a garden view

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3. Bohemian style haldi 

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4. Pool-side haldi *Summer Ready*

5. Fancy Origami Shenanigans

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6. Some bright colours to complement the yellow

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Love the dholki used as a quirky centertable.

7. Traditional setting with genda phool & mogras

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8. With Kaleeras and Bangles

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9. Of pinwheels & pom poms

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10. Minimal decor with chaar-pai and cusions in a home-y setting

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11. With interesting installation of flowers or animals

12. Vibrant & fresh table pieces matching the theme

13. For a Picnic-y vibe

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Traditional or Modern, what's your pick?