One of the most exquisite and statement-making types of neckpieces to have ever existed are minimal chokers. Available in a myriad of styles and designs, they are a telltale of versatility that knows no bounds because of how they can be styled with almost any kind of outfit. Whether you’re dolling up in a modish ensemble or an ethnic one, there’s a minimal choker for every dress! Even for a bridal lehenga, for that matter!

Brides who swear by aesthetic minimalism have been incorporating dainty chokers into their wedding day look since forever. And with intimate soirees taking over the wedding scenes off late, switching from extravagant pieces to subtle ones has become much of a fad now! 

If minimal chokers appeal to your bridal whims and fancies as well and you desire wearing one for your intimate wedding, then get ready to bookmark some of the most stunning designs RN! These attention-grabbing pieces won’t only elevate your bridal glam quotient but, can be easily reused post your wedding ‘cuz of their understated elegance.

Exquisite Minimal Bridal Chokers For Your Intimate Wedding

1. Bride Megha wore a traditional pearl-lined piece encrusted with the prettiest of gemstones!

2. Multi pearl-stringed chokers are trendsetters that never go out of fashion and are super versatile to style.

Source I Jewels

3. Perfect for lovers of quirk, this artsy blend of gold, uncut diamonds, chains, and precious gemstones would be an amazing pick.

4. If understated royalty was a picture, it would look like this diamond & tanzanite choker!

5. Modern elegance is crafted in a single piece that can be paired with literally anything!

Source Paisley Pop

6. Navratan neckpieces are forever and these chokers are totally worth incorporating in your look!

Source Paisley Pop

7. 22k gold and natural uncut diamond choker set in a flower patta design.

8. Kundan polki and emerald extravagance that’s pure perfection!

9. Love this traditional bridal choker highlighted with cascading chands and precious gemstones!

10. Handcrafted in 18k rose gold, precious stones, ruby beads & natural diamonds, this Peacock choker is no less than art!

11. Lined with pearls and embellished with Kundan and rubies, this eclectic choker will surely lend a unique appeal to your look.

12. Classic glam crafted with pearls, emeralds, and Korean zarkan crystals!

Source Mortantra

13. When exquisiteness is a blend of Ivory shell stones, Kundan & gold crystals, pearls, green agate, and cream Swarovski pearl drops.

Source Bblingg

14. Embrace the gorgeousness of Kundan and pearls because they are forever!

15. With a bridal choker so fine and precious, your look is bound to get all ‘em heads turning!

16. Perk up your look with the beauty of pink Morganites combined with polki kundan and pearls in a unique setting.

17. Drenched in a medley of rose-cut diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, this hand-crafted stunner oozes with magnificence unmatched.

18. Set in 22k gold is this classy piece festooned with emerald beads, freshwater pearls, and rubies!

19. This five-stringed pearl & gold choker sums up bridal minimalism like no other.

20. Rubies and polki can never go wrong & this three-stringed choker is one stunning one piece!

21. A subtle enamelled piece that you can mix and match with other neckpieces to up your layering game.

Source Paisley Pop

22. Nothing screams timeless like an amalgam of emeralds, polki, and pearls!

23. Such a traditional piece that’ll look as stunning when layered as it’ll look when worn sans any other necklace.

Source Jiji

24. Quirk it up with this striking piece of jewellery lined with tiny pearls and hanging chaands.

25. A rather modern piece that’ll satiate your contemporary aesthetics to the fullest.

Source Attrangi

26. In awe of this edgy choker set that boasts of diamonds and oversized emeralds!

27. And how about the unparalleled grace of a simple three-stringed pearl choker?

Source Prerto

28. Love how all it took were hints of pastel green to amp up this bride’s all-white & pearlesque look!

29. Eyeing this blingy stunner that’s one of the most voguish pieces we’ve ever seen!

30. Ain’t this off-white & cream Swarovski pearl choker with 18k gold polish such a chic piece?

Source Bblingg

31. A delicately minimal choker set in a floral mould and highlighted with pearls and rubies!

32. Rubies and diamonds together speak of luxe that can’t be matched up to and this choker is a testament!

33. Nothing adds finesse to an emerald neckpiece as intricate guttapusalu work does!

34. A choker set that’ll guarantee all eyes on you for sure!

35. Time to glam up your Ivory and cream outfits with this gold plated and enamelled Kundan beauty.

Source Jiji

36. A lightweight piece that’s perfect for layering with other neckpieces!

37. Extravagance crafted in the softest hues, precious stones, and an eclectic charm!

Source Bblingg

38. Talk of stackable jewels and this choker in a 22k finish and detachable mother of pearl sounds nothing less than a dream!

Source Outhouse

39. This colourful floral affair would be such a chic addition to your wedding jewellery troves!

Source Mortantra

40. Some Kundan and purple-hued glory with just the right hints of opulence!


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40 Dazzling Minimal Bridal Chokers Ideal For Your Intimate Wedding Look

by Medha Chawla

40 Dazzling Minimal Bridal Chokers Ideal For Your Intimate Wedding Look