Hey bridey, we just found the most impeccable kaleeras for your pastel wedding lehenga! Not that they don’t go well with bolder hues like red, but if you are planning to take the vows in a glorious soft pastel lehenga, you ought to consider meenakari kaleeras, or you may also say enamelled kaleeras.

Just how meenakari jewellery has been stealing the scene, the gorgeous intricate art technique has also reached the trinkets of bridal kaleeras. And of course, brides are all hearts for it! Meenakari kaleeras, unlike the traditional gold ones, exude contemporary aesthetics and understated elegance. In fact, they are also beyond the traditional bling that silver kaleeras come with.

No doubt, kaleeras are our most favourite bridal accessories and we leave no stone unturned to spoil you with as many variants. Be it heavy kaleeras, mini kaleeras, quirky kaleeras, or various other designs for that matter- we have shortlisted the best of each kind for you to seek inspiration before your big day! Waiting no further, let’s show you some of the prettiest meenakari kaleeras we’ve seen so far.

Trending Meenakari Kaleera Designs For Brides

1. These meenakari kaleeras, embellished with pearls, are truly the most gorgeous kaleeras we have ever laid our eyes on!

2. We are head over heels of these mint green meenakari kaleeras that are a blend of old-world charm and modish touches!

3. How about this stunning enamelled kaleera design with cascading dainty pearl strings?

4. Pink, tiered meenakari kaleeras to go with your pink bridal lehenga! So pretty!

5. If your bridal aesthetic screams minimalism, here's what your kaleeras should look like! Don't miss the customised bird charms etched at the end.

Source RJS Company

Source RJS Company

6. You can obviously style your red wedding lehenga with a pair of meenakari kaleeras, just like this bride did.

7. We told you, meenakari kaleere go perfectly with pastel-hued bridal lehengas. This gorgeous bride proved the same.

8. Look closely, the top of the kaleera is beautified with meenakari work. Isn't that oh-so-beautiful?

9. A surreal-looking pair of white and gold enamelled kaleeras that's worth obsessing over. And oh, how beautifully the bride styled it with her soft pink lehenga!

10. We saved the best one for the last! A dual-toned meenakari kaleera adorned with ornate Kundan festoons.

Source Rajkiya

How To Style Meenakari Kaleeras?

One of the best ways to style these kaleeras is to match them with your meenakari jewellery. For instance, you are wearing a pastel blue-tinted meenakari jewellery set, opt for a matching set of kaleeras. But that's not the only way of course. You may wear it in contrast with your wedding lehenga. Ivory and gold enamelled kaleeras work really well with red lehengas. Or else, you can stick to the colour palette and coordinate the hues of your lehenga and kaleeras.

Source Etsy

As for the sourcing is concerned, it is not a task to buy meenakari kaleeras. In the last few years, these enamelled kaleeras have garnered enough popularity that they are easily available now. Check out this ultimate guide on how to buy kaleeras. You may not want to miss it!


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10 Most Mesmerizing Meenakari Kaleera Designs For Brides!

by Medha Chawla

10 Most Mesmerizing Meenakari Kaleera Designs For Brides!