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16 Photos that Beautifully Captured the Mangalsutra Moment

Medha Chawla, 09 Sep 2019

If you ask me what do I love the most about Hindu weddings? Well, it is the never-ending saga of ceremonies and rituals. The array of ceremonies and rituals with which Hindu weddings come along is my personal favourite! But what I love even more is how each ritual not only holds emotional essence but also makes for a picturesque moment for keepsakes. Take the case of gleeful Jaimala ceremony photos that prove it is the most fun-filled ceremony or the soul-stirring sindoor moment or the endearing Saat Pheras...the list goes on! And the mangalsutra moment is one such ceremony that never fails to give me goosebumps.

While we recently brimmed you with the latest mangalsutra designs, this time we put forth the beauty of this emotional ceremony which binds the couple into matrimonial bliss. The moment when the groom ties the auspicious thread, i.e mangalsutra around the bride's neck, marks their lifelong union. While some brides go all emotional, others don't stop beaming with happiness–this life-changing ceremony surely evokes a series of emotions - and here's a showcase of some of our most favourite Mangalsutra Moment photographs.

Hearty Mangalsutra Moment Photographs We Love!


Aren't these photos just so heart-warming?