Easy DIY Makeup Tutorials Every Bridesmaid Should Bookmark

Anupriya Khanna, 19 Oct 2019

Dearest bridesmaids, your main girl is about to get married, and with truckloads of duties already on your plate, the last thing you would want to get bogged down by is random thoughts like ‘Does the makeup artist know what I want?’, ‘I hope she doesn’t turn me into a ghost’, ‘Why is she putting so much foundation on my face?’ And, this is when doing your makeup on your own serves as the best resort. After all, you know your skin better and are well aware of what makeup will suit you the most. So, we decided to turn your ultimate guide and list down a couple of self-makeup tutorials for you. Take a quick look through these beauty videos, and save the one that best goes with your personality and the occasion!

Self-Makeup Tutorials for Beginner Bridesmaids

For a Dazzling Sangeet/Cocktail/Reception look

~ Glittery, smokey eye makeup with a touch of pink for the lips

~ Bold, full matte makeup look 

~ Sultry brown smokey eyes with deep red lips

~ Dramatic smokey eyes with a smudged blue waterline and velvety nude lips

For a Stunning Wedding Look

~ Smokey eyes with taupe lips and fluttery lashes

~ Fresh & dewy makeup for a day wedding vs. The full glam smokey eye makeup for a night wedding 

~ Subtle smokey eyes with yummy pink lips

For a Quirky Mehendi Look

~ Popping rose gold eyes with flushed cheeks and rouge lips

~ Beaming face with bright red lips

~ Soft, smokey eyes with nude pink lips and perfectly bronzed cheeks

~Sparkling pink eyes with a matching pink lip color


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