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7 Easy & Affordable Makeup Hacks for Resourceful Brides

Anupriya Khanna, 01 Dec 2018

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Want your bridal makeup to be on fleek but dreading coz you're on a budget? Well, then put a full stop to all your fears as you don't really have to spend a bomb to get your wedding makeup right. However, spending some time watching a few makeup tutorials and probably reading this blog might just help.

We at ShaadiSaga are always on our toes for your aid. From helping you book the right makeup artist to getting you a makeup kit under 12K, we've forever been brimming you with all sorts of wedding related information & ideas. And this time too, we're here to help you all resourceful brides do your makeup on your own and that too without wasting a penny. Down here we've enlisted some easy yet affordable makeup hacks to do your bridal makeup in a budget. 

Try these at your home once and see how effective they are. If it works great, you know your bridal makeup is sorted!

Amazing Makeup hacks for all you Resourceful Brides

Pick essential oils over those overpriced perfume bottles

Brides don’t just want to look good, but also smell good on their wedding ceremonies. Even though perfumes can completely freshen you up and leave you smelling like those fresh cut flowers, but the fact that they are overly expensive makes us say a big no to them. A better alternative (and relatively cheaper one too) to these costly perfumes are the naturally extracted essential oils like rosemary, lily, jasmine or lavender. They blend naturally with your skin and don’t cause irritations anyhow. Also, they stay for a pretty long time.

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Gulaabo, thoda ittar girado! *wink*

How about beetroot for them rosy cheeks?

If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a blush and yet give your cheeks a natural pink glow, all you’ve gotta do is give your cheeks a nice beetroot rub. The ruby red tint of this juicy veggie is way more effective than any of your blushes. Just slice a beetroot into pieces, rub one of the pieces on the apples of your cheeks and you’ll see it do the magic.

Use an aftershave instead of a primer

Why splurge on an unreasonably pricey primer, when an aftershave lotion can do the trick? Yes, you read that right! An aftershave lotion can not only seal your pores but also leave you with a soft and supple skin. Moreover, it can give you that much needed cool & rejuvenating sensation, which even a primer won’t give. But make it a point that you are using a mild aftershave gel and do a patch test before using it on your face.

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Foundation or Concealer? Pick only one!

You don’t have to buy both, foundation and concealer when one alone can serve the purpose pretty well. If you are buying a foundation, use it for concealing the darkened areas as well. However, if you are planning to invest in a concealer instead, blend it with your regular day cream to use it as a foundation as well. In all cases, make sure that the color of the concealer or foundation matches your skin tone.

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Set your base with baby powder

Did your mommies not tell you how they used to set their base everytime they ran short of those fancy setting powders? Well, they used to bake their faces with those gentle baby powders. And so can you! These baby talcs have an extremely light and silky texture. Plus, if you’re someone with an extra-dry skin, a good baby talc can moisturize your skin just right.

Cinnamon powder for bigger & fuller lips

Want to flaunt perfect pouty lips on your wedding? Ditch on those lip fillers & lip plumpers and give Cinnamon powder a try. It works great and leaves your lips with a natural plump. It so happens that when you mix Cinnamon powder with your lip balm and apply it on your lips, it causes them to swell and appear big. So, no worries girlies! Just equip your makeup kit with cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil and your problem is solved. 

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Mist some rose water over your face to set your makeup

After spending hours putting all that makeup on your face, you also gotta set it with a spray to make sure it keeps in place & lasts longer. But you don’t always need a setting spray for that and can rather get a bottle of rose water to your rescue. Rose water has hydrating and soothing properties and can keep your makeup fresh as ever, for hours on end. Also, unlike a setting spray, it won’t cost you much.


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