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Even though we have certain relaxations under Unlock 4.0 due to the Coronavirus outbreak in India there are still certain restrictions such as avoiding large gathering, wearing masks and sanitising hands-on a regular basis. Though we are hoping to see an increase in the number of wedding guests from 50 to 100 post-September 21 many couples are having a sweet and simple intimate wedding with their loved ones around.

As many couples postponed and even cancelled their wedding because of this global pandemic many wedding vendors have been affected due to the same. But as they say 'Don't Lose Hope' and that's why we spoke to leading bridal makeup artists who are providing their services to brides-to-be and shed some light on how they are dealing with Coronavirus situation, concerns of brides for their upcoming wedding, a checklist of the safety precautions they are ensuring for their brides and a few tips and suggestions who are planning to get married soon in 2020-2021. 💄😷

Bianca Louzado

First on the list is a renowned celebrity makeup artist Bianca Louzado who is based in Mumbai and travels worldwide for bridal makeup and hairstyling. Having worked in feature films, fashion shoots, destination weddings, etc. she is known for her signature look that is described as fresh & flawless makeup look. From Aditi Rao Hydari to Malaika Arora and Sachin Tendulkar to Priyanka Chopra, Bianca Louzado makes everyone look amazing with her makeup & hairstyling skills and knowledge. 

Concerns of Brides For Their Intimate Wedding

Now coming on to the Coronavirus outbreak in India, Bianca Louzado has revealed the concerns of the brides-to-be for their intimate wedding such as: 

  • The level of hygiene
  • The advance amount is refundable or not if the wedding is postponed? 
  • Last-minute cancellations due to the artist being ill, etc.

Though many couples are having an intimate wedding some have postponed or cancelled their wedding for which the makeup artist says, "Ideally, the norm is if a wedding has been cancelled by a client the advance amount will be non-refundable, however, due to the current situation we will be refunding 90% and retaining 10% since we blocked our dates for the client and are not taking up any inquiries for the same date." 

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

  1. Wearing of masks all through 
  2. Schedule a time to wash hands after 15/20 mins by setting an alarm 
  3. Use of IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to sanitise all the makeup products & pieces of equipment   
  4. Use of hand sanitiser 
  5. Use of disposable mascara wands, lip wands, etc. 
  6. Use of clean and sanitised brushes and no using hands 
  7. The use of steel makes up palette and spatula, which avoids the need for going back and forth into the eyeshadow or lip palette
  8. Use of brush cleaners 
  9. Not allowing any other person to enter into the room except the client herself to ensure our safety 
  10. Ensuring the utmost level of hygiene being adopted for the safety and well being of everyone. 

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

  • If you have postponed your wedding, then ensure to check the same with your vendors on their dates of availability for new wedding dates
  • It takes a great deal of research for a bride to find the best-suited vendors, as well as time, is taken to negotiate on the best deal. So also for us (vendors) to block our dates. And if the client backs out at the very last minute we too would be at the losing end. 
  • To the ones who choose to get married soon after a lockdown, I would advise them to chalk out how best they would be maintaining social distancing at their wedding functions with their guests, as well as themselves, wearing masks.  
  • During this uncertain time, the wedding vendors and the clients must work in harmony and be empathetic towards each other. For e.g: 
  1. Once a client has rescheduled their dates for this year 2020 itself, they have knowingly scheduled it with COVID-19 still active.
  2. Next, once the couple has booked their vendors they must also agree to let go of a certain fee of their advance paid. (Say 10% of the total amount paid).
  3. Besides, as a vendor blocks and confirms their wedding date they don’t book any other client.

Parul Garg Makeup Artist

With years of experience, Parul Garg is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi NCR who specialises in airbrush makeup. With her makeup skills and knowledge, she transforms her brides-to-be into a princess and makes them look like a million bucks for their wedding day. Talking about the global pandemic she said, "It’s time we learn to live with Coronavirus outbreak in India because we can’t remain in lockdown forever! Take all safety precautions and start living your life! If you are getting married during this crisis, we are there for you!" 

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

Encouraging and boosting the confidence of her brides who are having an intimate wedding this is how Parul Garg Makeup Artist is taking all the safety precautions, which are as follows:  

  1. Sanitising makeup brushes, makeup products, and types of equipment with 99% alcohol before and after every use
  2. UVC sterilisation of makeup products, brushes, equipment, palettes after each use
  3. Using only disposable wands for mascara, lipsticks, liners, etc.
  4. Wearing single-use personal protective equipment
  5. Fogging the premises at regular intervals with a disinfectant spray
  6. Mandatory hand sanitising, wearing masks, and temperature checks for the team
  7. The download of the Aarogya Setu app is compulsory for the team

Gomit Chopra

Remember this lockdown wedding where the bride's makeup artist ensured to follow all the safety precautions for the intimate wedding? Well, Gomit Chopra was the makeup artist behind it and made our bride Megha look stunning for her at-home wedding. To avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus Gomit said, "Doing hair and makeup professionally involves face-to-face and one-on-one contact with the bride. I did a makeup assignment for a wedding with 35 guests. The family provided protective personal equipment (PPE) for me and my team so that we can maintain hygiene rules plus working without assistants."   

Concerns of Brides For Their Intimate Wedding

While many couples are either postponing or cancelling their big day or finding creative ways to get married while ensuring social distancing and other restrictions there are many brides out there who have concerns about:

  • The protective measures their bridal makeup artist is taking
  • The number of team members
  • Proper sanitisation
  • If makeup artists are coming from a green zone or a containment zone
  • What all safety measure and hygiene the makeup artist and the team is following? 
  • Kit hygiene and wearing masks 

How is The Makeup Artist Helping The Brides-To-Be During Pandemic? 

Well, if a bride postpones her wedding due to the Coronavirus, I would allow a date change without penalty. If I couldn’t accommodate the client’s new wedding date, I would refund her in full. In these extreme circumstances, every makeup artist will have to make their own decisions about what is "The right thing to do." In the wedding example, it’s important to remember the couple is also losing a lot of money. Also, nothing is more important than everyone’s health. I, as a makeup artist, stand by my commitment to provide services and want to assure that advances received by us will be utilised towards the provision of services against bookings made by the client.

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

With the supplementary online safety certifications and things to further our education surrounding sanitisation in a post-pandemic world we are following these safety precautions for our lockdown brides: 

  1. Since makeup artists and hairstylists are near the bride we make sure to wear face masks, gloves and PPE kits all the time. 
  2. In the current times, our priority is that the client in the chair feels comfortable and that's why we have an assistant who ensures in disposing of brushes and disinfecting products as soon as they've been used. 
  3. Clean and change makeup brushes regularly
  4. Avoid Store testers
  5. Use alcohol-based cleaning solution
  6. Extra care while cleaning lip brushes
  7. Discard products responsibly
  8. Use disposable applicators on clients
  9. Don’t use expired products
  10. Sanitising makeup bag regularly
  11. Maintaining hygiene
  12. Washing hands properly
  13. After the whole makeup kit is set out for the brides we do IPA spray on it

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

  • From minimalistic jewellery to makeup, make sure you don’t look OTT at your intimate wedding affair. After all, going minimalistic is the new bridal look!
  • To protect yourself and your guests, consider hosting intimate weddings and we bet it will be as gorgeous as you have ever imagined it to be. It would be easier to plan also after all this and you can always keep it elegant and simple and not overdo it.
  • You must also decide on the guest list and the number of functions if you are going to have an intimate wedding. You cannot have three or four functions if you are hosting an intimate wedding, it should be really simple and sober.
  • Consider getting married at your home or farmhouse
  • Do wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, several times a day.
  • Keep drinking water.  

Simmi Chhabra Makeup Artistry

Based in Delhi, Simmi Chhabra is a renowned makeup artist who enhances the beauty of her bride through her makeup skills and knowledge. Understanding the importance of the wedding day she expertise in bridal makeup, party makeup, makeup for a fashion photoshoot, theatre and TV photoshoot, etc. Talking about the Coronavirus outbreak Simmi Chhabra Makeup Artistry said, "COVID-19 has affected the whole world but one of the most affected people would be the ones who were about to get married, especially in India where weddings are supposed to be a grand affair. Keeping in mind the safety guidelines, as a makeup artist, whose main work is only to touch people’s faces, one should stick to all the guidelines that have been given by the health ministry."   

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

First of all talking about the concerns of brides she said, "The brides who are getting married do have concerns about their safety and hygiene. However, now there’s a new normal wherein makeup artists have learned to do makeup more cautiously. Necessity is the mother of invention and the makeup industry is also trying to think differently to stay afloat. I have been using 70% isopropyl alcohol swabs and spray for cleaning the brushes, makeup palettes, wearing PPE kit, mask, gloves and shield." 

  1. Apart from temperature checks, we tell our customers to have an Arogya Setu app.
  2. I also do regular temperature checks for me and my staff.
  3. The entire area is sanitised using nanospray gun before setting up everything.
  4. I have offered my clients a way to talk to me using face time or video conferencing since meeting for a trial to discuss the look wasn’t possible in many cases. 

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

  • At last my advice to all my brides and fellow makeup artists would be to hang in there, hope that when this is over, people and business will come back stronger than ever.
  • Be thankful for your health and stay safe!
  • Rather than taking stress about what will happen, I advise it's better to get married in a safe environment rather than getting married in a situation which doesn’t meet your expectations for your wedding day at all.
  • With the presence of 50 guests at the wedding, you must take all the necessary precautions and spend the day with just your loved ones rather than the gazillion guests you don’t even know.

Paveena Kh Rathour

Based in Chandigarh Paveena Kh Rathour is a renowned makeup artist who puts her heart and soul in making her brides look flawless for the wedding day. Be it the dewy makeup or smokey eyes -  Paveena Kh Rathour can make you look like a million bucks for your nuptial ceremonies. Talking to her about the ongoing global pandemic she said, "It's the globally hit situation. Whatever’s cancelled is being refunded. And for the ones postponed I’m waiting for the future date to come so I can block my dates accordingly." 

Concerns of Brides For Their Intimate Wedding

  • Whether I am still taking destination-wedding bookings or not? 
  • What precautions could be taken once their wedding dates get confirmed? 
  • Date availability (due to the postponement of wedding and dates overlapping)
  • Refund and credit policy

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

  1. Carrying 2 sets of makeup brushes and regularly cleaning them by brush cleansing spray before using them as an applicator.
  2. Deep cleaning of makeup brushes, sponges, and applicator using Coconut oil, Olive oil with Baby Shampoo, handwash disinfectant, or Apple Cider with either or washing disinfectant. 
  3. Daily sanitise the tools, sponges, and applicators by spraying a tissue with alcohol and wipe the brush on the tissue. 
  4. Makeup artists should keep washing hands regularly, before and after makeup session for hygienic concerns. 
  5. Makeup artists should wear masks when applying makeup on clients' faces to avoid close interaction and keeping the distance in mind. 
  6. Clean the cases thoroughly and regularly with disinfectant to ensure hygiene.

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

  • Consider this as all the extra time you needed to plan, yet at the same time relax and spend time with your families! Stay in, Stay put, Stay healthy.
  • Take good care of your health and skin so you get the glow right for the wedding. There’s always an upside to every situation and this one has it too.
  • P.S: Just keep your Makeup artist informed of any date change happening. So that it becomes easy for us to plan up our calender accordingly for the upcoming wedding season.

Makeup By Inshiya Charania

Having expertise in bridal makeup, party makeup and editorial makeup - Makeup By Inshiya Charania is a popular bridal makeup artist from Gujarat who loves her passion for makeup. Sharing her thoughts on the pandemic she said, "Coronavirus has emerged as a huge human crisis, it’s unprecedented so we learn new things every day regarding the virus and the precautions to be taken. The beauty industry just like any other industry is going through a challenging time due to the virus. Going by the need of the hour, rigorous sanitisation and disinfection are performed." 

Challenges You Faced As a Makeup Artists Due To COVID-19? 

Honestly, we are used to working in a very comfortable environment. But as we all know that everything has been changed in the recent past and as a makeup artist wearing PPE kit for 2-3 hours at a stretch becomes a big challenge. 

Concerns of Brides For Their Intimate Wedding

  • It came as a pleasant surprise that almost all brides-to-be wanted to know if I or any member of my team come from the containment zones. 
  • Refunding the full amount was a concern of many brides and when the Coronavirus outbreak happened, the first step I took was to reach out to my clients who had their wedding lined up but had to postpone due to the lockdown. I refunded the full amount, which they had paid me as my booking fee. I informed my brides that they would get the first preference whenever they decide to get married. I owe it up to them for their show of confidence in my skill. 

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

Even though we are not in the lockdown situation we are ensuring the following steps so that our bride and our team is safe all the time: 

  1. Using disposable products as much as possible
  2. Disinfecting every makeup brush in my kit regardless of me using them
  3. Disinfecting the vanity by Sodium Hypochlorite
  4. Wearing certified PPE kits with face shields in every appointment
  5. Not allowing anyone to be present in the room except for the bride and one of her bridesmaids 

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

Being a girl I know how much it must have hurt to postpone her wedding due to the pandemic. I can only assure them that there is light at the end of every tunnel and we all shall come out of this crisis stronger than ever. 

Simran Takkar

Working since 2004, Simran Takkar is a renowned makeup artist in Indian who is also the founder and creative director of 'Ablaze by Simran'. "We all are going through a pandemic that has drastically altered our way of living. There is a lot of tension in the air as all of us are caged in our houses with no way out until the COVID-19 outbreak is cured. As a way to cope with the infinite boredom, I am teaching free online makeup on Instagram because it allows me to expand my brand globally. It is also a way to send gratitude to my clients as they have been my support system through my journey as a makeup artist," said Simran Takkar. 

Concerns of Brides For Their Intimate Wedding

Talking about the concerns of the brides Simran Takkar revealed, "My brides have been extremely stressed due to the outbreak. They are struggling with planning their wedding again as it involves more than 2 people. Most weddings have been cancelled and the latter has been postponed. The tension levels are at its peak at this time as dealing with wedding problems is not easy. Families and friends are refraining from seeing each other and are staying safe in their houses."

"We have to calm down and just go with the flow. Taking stress is not at all the solution. The most common question I received has been related to the return of the deposits and as always my answer has been yes. Also, I have been simply returning the paid deposit for every wedding that has been cancelled. Due to the uncertainty of the future, I am trying my best to help out and just continuing to be hopeful for a brighter and happier future," said the makeup artist. 

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist


  1. Eat healthily 
  2. Drink lots of water 
  3. Use good sunscreen
  4. Day and night cream 
  5. Eat soaked almonds 10 pieces as its vitamin E 
  6. Use home remedies on the skin like besan mask mix with cucumber-honey-turmeric-rose water
  7. Try to drink one coconut water a day 


  1. No facials (parlour facials are bad) 
  2. You should never try something new one month before your wedding 
  3. Avoid alcohol 
  4. Avoid smoking 

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

  • All I can say is to calm down and focus on your health right now. During unfavourable times like these, it is vital to maintain good health and focus on destressing and towards self-care. 
  • To the brides who are thinking of tying the knot once the lockdown is lifted, I wish you lots of love and congratulate you on a new chapter of your life. Moreover, it is important to stay safe and consider all possibilities before leaving the house after the lockdown ends.

Aarushi Makeup Artist

Having over 14 years of experience in the industry, Aarushi Oswal is a well-known entrepreneur and makeup artist who is based in Ludhiana. Travelling globally to make her brides look ultra-glamorous Aarushi Makeup Artist can make you look like a million dollars with her makeup technique and skills. Sharing her thoughts on the ongoing pandemic she said, "We are adjusting all the advance payments of our clients for there future weddings. We are standing with our clients during these tough times as we completely understand that some might postpone or cancel their weddings." 

While the budget for the wedding industry is on the loop she added, "Most of the brides-to-be are asking for discounts and since most of the weddings are on a smaller scale we are supportive of them during this time. Besides, brides are only going to trustworthy makeup artists because they feel they will be safe while giving the service. Also, since intimate weddings are taking place during the day time brides are asking for subtle makeup as compared to extra glam makeup these days." 

Safety Precautions Taken By The Makeup Artist

As far as the safety measures are concerned Aarushi Makeup Artist is ensuring to follow all the precautions while working such as: 

  1. Taking one client at a time
  2. Not allowing any outsider, children, or pregnant women
  3. Making sure the client is feeling well in health before coming to our studio
  4. Sanitising our studio before and after giving our service to the client
  5. Ensuring to wear masks and gloves all the time 

Tips For Brides Who Are Getting Married Soon

  • Please do book your appointment prior as most of the salons will not be working with a lot of clients at one time.
  • Do not compromise on your makeup, hair, outfit and photography. You can still make stunning memories by having your dream wedding with your loved ones around.  

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Makeup Artists Reveal: Tips & Precautions For Brides Who Are Having An Intimate Wedding!

by Chandni Kumar

Makeup Artists Reveal: Tips & Precautions For Brides Who Are Having An Intimate Wedding!