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Makeup Artists Reveal: Bridal Makeup Trends That Should Now Take A Backseat

Simran Keswani , 11 Dec 2017

With another year coming to an end, comes the end of some makeup trends too. While some trends may remain timeless, others have been used to their maximum potential and should now retire, thereby making grounds for the new ones. 

We witnessed a lot of shaadis this November-December and obviously brides and their bridal looks. On discovering no newness in bridal makeup, we thought of heading to the experts and ask them about trends that are done to death.   

Here’s what they revealed!

#1 No More Glitter!

Whether you noticed or not, glitter had its moment for an extended period but it's time to break ties with this trend and look for a replacement such as smokey eyes, nudes which are a lot more do-ey and abiding. Makeup artist Aakriti Kochar, Pratishtha Arora and Amrita Sanghavi suggest it's time to bid adieu to glitter.

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#2 Heavy Contouring

While the makeup trend of painting strategic stripes of light and dark color has been doing rounds on Instagram, it is certainly one of the most misleading trends which have gone overboard. It all the more brings out a very deceptive look and you obviously don’t want to look what you’re not on your D-day.

Hence, as revealed by Makeup Artist Pratishtha Arora and Aakriti Kochar, this trend will have restricted entry in 2018.

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#3 Red Lipstick

Red lipstick might have had its fair share for many years but as revealed by Celebrity Ojas Rajani, this bold colour is now certainly old and rather, fresh hues such as nudes and blush colours are more to be seen.

#4 Eyeliner & Kajal

Well, were these the only options you had? Here’s a better and a modern option—eyeshadow. Ojas Rajani thinks eyeshadows help achieve a more fresher, young and tidy look.

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#5 Powder Foundation

“This trend has completely walked out and there is no coming back” - said Makeup Artist Ojas. The best alternatives are creamy products which look natural and glowy compared to powdery products which make your skin look flakier and cakey.

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Now that you know what all trends are going to fade by the time it's 2018, you have a filtered choice! Get, set, doll-up!

What makeup trends according to you should die? Flow in your comments!

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