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Make Your Wedding More Romantic With These 14 Candle Decor Ideas!

Neha Garg, 07 Oct 2016

If you are looking for some extraordinary decor inspiration for your wedding functions, it's time to rewind and visit our childhood days! Remember how blowing up candles on birthdays was (it still is) such a joyful experience in our early days? And even now, how we decorate our entire house with diyas and candles during Diwali celebrations. Plus, don't we all love those romantic candlelight dinners? ;-)

Yes, today I have decided to talk all about candles! They have been around for a good time now and have been used in more than a dozen ways. So, if you are bored with those typical flower decors at weddings, then add in candles either real or artificial (because safety first!) to your decor as they are the best and newest alternates. Trust me!

Now you must be wondering how exactly can a candle decor be a better substitute? Let me help you out. Firstly, they make the ambiance look so pretty. Secondly, they light up the whole environment! But then again, before thinking of using candles at your wedding functions, do make sure you have talked to your wedding decorator because again, we say, safety comes first!

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There are many creative ways in which we can use candles as wedding decor. Here we have some inspiration for you, see what stole our hearts!

As Venue Entrance


Image Courtesy: ShaadiPlanners

As Table Decor


Image Courtesy: Rani Pink


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Image Courtesy: Rani Pink


Image Courtesy: Morvi Images


Image Courtesy: Devika Narain


Image Courtesy: Bhumi & Simran Photography

candles-devika-narain candles-rani-pink

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain (Left); Rani Pink (Right)

Other Ways To Showcase Candles 


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Image Courtesy: Rani Pink


Image Courtesy: Stories By Joseph Radhik


Image Courtesy: Neha Brackstone


Image Courtesy: ShaadiPlanners


Image Courtesy:  Devika Narain

Do you know any other way to use candles for wedding decor? Tell us in the comments below!