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9 Easy Ways to Make your Bridal Shoes Pain-free & Comfortable

Divya Arora, 10 Dec 2018

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Your bridal shoes and heels are an essential part of your bridal look just as your outfits, jewellery, makeup, and hairdos. What your feet wear certainly amps up those glamorous outfits of yours and should undoubtedly be paid equal attention to. And for that matter how comfortable they are as well.

Ladies, we understand how comfy and painless wedding shoes are of utmost importance to you and being your saviors we're here to help you with that as well. Be it the gorgeous juttis, strappy sandals or high heels, any shoe when new can create discomfort with blisters, shoe bites or their tightness and all of these concerns are a big no-no when it comes to your wedding. So hang onto this blog as we've listed a few tips and tricks for you to make those pretty bridal footwear of yours as comfy as possible.

Just simply follow them and voila! You're ready to frolic about your whole ceremony with absolute ease.

9 Ways to Make Your Wedding Shoes & Heels More Comfortable

1. New Shoes = Shoe Bites

Ladies, we've all been there! New shoes and heels end up leaving you with sore feet. Wearing your wedding heels for the first time right at your wedding is a big NO-NO! Slip into your heels around a month before and walk around in your house. Do this often for small intervals (you don't want to wear them out!) until they start feeling comfy. Also, don't do this just a week before because you don't want to end up with shoe bites at your wedding right?

2. Tape Your Toes

This trick does it, girls! Tape your third and fourth toe together lightly with a surgical tape. The idea behind this is to lessen the strain on the nerve that splits between these two toes and causes pain in the balls of your feet under pressure. Just make sure to not tape them up too tight cuz that might curb the blood circulation and hurt you.

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3. Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts or insoles are a great option for shoe comfort. Using the soft transparent silicon ones for your heels would not only provide that much-needed comfort but would also reduce the pain and pressure.

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4. Avoid Wearing Heels at Back-to-Back Functions

Ladies, if you have back-to-back ceremonies then ditch those heels on the smaller functions and opt for beautiful bridal flats. Go for sandals and juttis. They're gonna be super comfortable and of course a perfect breather for your feet.

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5. The Blow Dryer & Socks Trick

Break in your heels using this basic blow dryer and socks hack. Wear a pair of socks and slip into your shoes. Then grab a blow dryer and run it all over your shoe especially the parts it's tight from. Then wiggle your toes and bend your shoe a bit to open them up and walk around in them for a few minutes until they feel a bit better. Repeat the whole thing again if you feel necessary. This trick softens up the shoe material making it more flexible and pliable.

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6. Roll-On Deodorant for the Ease

Before slipping into your shoes rub a roll-on deodorant on the areas of your feet where you tend to get blisters from tight shoes. Your toes, the top of your feet or the back of your ankle are the areas most prone to blisters. Avoid that chafing and soreness that heels and even juttis cause for that matter with this unusual little hack.

7. Wider, Broader & Shorter Heels

We understand your admiration for those long pointed heels but ladies, comfort first. You would already be dolled up in heavy jewellery and outfits and the last thing you'd want would be uncomfortable shoes. Don't go for high and thin heels just because they look good. Opt for shorter and maybe even wider ones. They'll give you those extra inches and comfort too. Also, platform heels are the best option and you can even dance the night away without any sore feet. If at all you can't take your eyes off those gorgeous heels but they're a bit long, take them to your cobbler and ask them how short they can make those heels without ruining the beauty of them.

8. Get your Shoes Lined

Getting your shoes lined with a soft fabric or moleskin is another great way to prevent them from rubbing against your skin badly. Either get the whole shoe lined or apply moleskin to all the areas that might hurt your skin like the straps of your heels.

9. Pick the Right Shoe Shape

Picking the right pair of heels according to your foot shape is absolutely essential. If for instance, you have wider and broader feet then slipping into pointed heels with thing heels is going to be a nightmare for you. Opting for shorter heels and round or wide shoe if you have wider feet is the best option for you!


Let us know if these ideas helped you out!