It's wedding season which means endless wedding tales every day. It also means that it's that time of the year when you have to attend at least one wedding. It could be your own sibling's wedding, or maybe your BFF's or maybe the wedding of a long-forgotten high school classmate who's invited you only because you were in town. But the point is, you're definitely going to attend one wedding this season. And when you're attending a wedding, you cannot and should not go in empty-handed. Thus, you need a wedding gift. And not just any wedding gift, you need a gift that is not only perfect for the couple but also luxurious enough that reflects a bit of yourself in it. 

Now, finding the perfect wedding gift is no easy task. After all, each couple has differences in preferences. However, we're all left to our better judgement and wits to choose gifts for the happy couple. And we know for a fact that there is always something for everybody. Our favourite kind of wedding gift is that which exudes luxury and finesse but is also of good use to the new couple. A kind of gift you can easily get is the Toujours collection by SPACES. Scroll down below to learn more!

Luxurious Wedding Gift Ideas For The Newly-married Couple

Bed Linens As Wedding Gifts By SPACES

A wedding is possibly one of the biggest days of anyone's life. However, with the current pandemic, couples have switched over to more close-knit weddings. And for that reason, many people are attending weddings virtually. However, if you're one of the few close ones that are attending a loved one's wedding, then it becomes a point for you to thoughtfully select a wedding gift which should not only be useful but also beautiful and memorable. And SPACES' new gifting collection is just that.  

What Is The Toujours Collection By SPACES?

Toujours collection by SPACES is a luxurious satin bed linen set that celebrates the beautiful bond of love. With this collection, SPACES aims to enrich newlywed couples with the wholesome feeling of living together, along with the charm of sharing each other's lives and the excitement of beginning a new journey where the idea is to feel at home and feel in love.

Toujours collection by SPACES is a memorable looking trunk which contains 1 super king-size bedsheet, pillow covers, 2 Euro shams, 1 Comforter and 1 decorative cushion. You can help new couples #unfoldnewbeginnings with a set from this collection. It is an ensemble of all the things one could need to create a beautiful bedroom space in their new homes!

Every variant from this range is an ideal wedding gift for a couple that is not only comfortable but also a compliment for the beginning of their new chapter. Plus, these luxurious satin bedding ensembles in graceful colours like ivory, midnight blue and scarlet red are probably the most practical gift you can give to a couple. It's sophisticated and downright gorgeous!

Add a touch of elegance to someone's new home with Toujours collection by SPACES. Explore the range and buy here!


SPACES is a brand that every household is familiar with. They're known for their bed, bath and rugs that are not only elegant but also thoughtfully crafted, for those who enjoy the experience of a comfortable lifestyle. The brand is also known for its patented innovation- the HygroCotton range of bedsheets that can adjust its temperature up to 2 degrees so that one can feel warmer on cold days and cooler on warm days. And this time, they've launched their brand new wedding collection called Toujours collection by SPACES, the perfect wedding gift ideas for any new-age couples.  

 To shop from their latest collection, click here.


We're in love with this wedding gift idea by the brand! If you're looking for more options, check out our other blogs on the wedding favours & gifts!

These Luxurious Bed Linen Sets Are Perfect Wedding Gifts For The #NewlyMarried Couple!

by Shivani Singh

These Luxurious Bed Linen Sets Are Perfect Wedding Gifts For The #NewlyMarried Couple!