Low-Calorie Bachelorette Party Drinks For The Bride On Diet!

Simran Keswani , 07 Jan 2018

We all know a bachelorette isn’t a bachelorette without some drinks but unforch, a nice waistline, and drink(s) cannot go hand in hand. Why fear when you got us? To ensure your happy hours' don't turn into blunders, we have compiled a list of low-calorie cocktails to sip without undoing your hard work of months.

So, enjoy your last few months of singlehood without any heebie-jeebies!

1. Vodka and Soda 

The tasty combo of vodka and soda is a match made in heaven and luckily with tasting good, it also entails less amount of calories. Hence, you can sip on through the night without worrying about over-indulging.

2. Rum and Diet Coke

The standard go-to cocktail has lower calorie with the diet version of your favorite soft drink. Just don’t go overboard with the serving as darker drinks have much worse hangovers

3. Champagne

One can have this one straight up without any fusion as a glass of champ entails much fewer calories than a standard glass of beer.

4. Bloody Mary 

Made with the ingredients of loaded veggies, tomato and low calories vodka, it has very less number of calories and would be a perfect drink to maintain that waistline.

5. Wine

An average serving of wine contains around 80-100 calories and boasts a range of health benefits. So, if you are really minding your nutrition, red wine will be your best bet.

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