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30+ Creative Lockdown Quotes We Spotted at Intimate Weddings!

Chinar Ghorawat, 15 Sep 2020

The lockdown has seen a lot of changes in the Indian wedding scenario. From grand weddings that used to have 500 guests to intimate weddings that have 50 guests now, everything is now seeming possible during COVID-19. But what hasn’t changed is the attention to detail when it comes to decor, even in the case of micro weddings. 

While we agree that the current scenario is extremely unusual and there is nothing that we can do at this point, we must not be apologetic for making the intimate wedding as special as possible. From adapting to the situation with sanitiser stations to following social distancing norms now, we have witnessed a lot of changes at the ground level planning of intimate weddings. However, when we talk about decor, one thing that we’re totally crushing on are the latest lockdown wedding quotes that are perfect for the small weddings. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Scroll through to see some of the really interesting quotes we spotted at intimate weddings recently and try some ideas for your upcoming wedding. 

Trending Lockdown Wedding Quotes We Spotted at Small Weddings

Lockdown Quotes That Make Sanitiser Stations Look Cool

If sanitiser stations are the #newcool at weddings, here are some creative lockdown quotes that make them cooler than they already are.

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Lockdown Quotes on Sanitiser Bottles That are Totally On-Point

Well, if sanitiser stations are the perfect place for lockdown quotes, so are the sanitiser bottles. Here are some on-point quotes we found on them.

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Lockdown Quotes That’ll Make You Feel a Rush of Love

Are you feeling the rush of love? Well, it can be difficult to do so during these tough times, but here are some latest lockdown quotes at weddings that might change your mind. 

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Social Distancing Quotes That Tell Us 'Prevention is Better Than Cure'

While we love the rush of love we are also aware of the unique situation that this pandemic has brought us all into. Here are some interesting social distancing quotes from small weddings that tell us that it's better to take precaution now than be sorry later.

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So, tell us in comments what you think of these precautionary measures and weddings happening during COVID-19!