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Best Lipstick Colours According To Your Zodiac Signs

Shivani Singh, 23 Jun 2020

Give a girl the right shade of lipstick and she can change the world! Well, that’s how the saying goes, right? But with so many different shades of red, pink, and nude, it can be hard to find the one that’s perfect for you. Maybe your zodiac sign can help?

While there are millions of lipsticks out there, each uniquely designed to fit the wearer and brighten their personality, finding the right for yourself is a task. However, we have this very convenient system embedded into us known as zodiac signs, which have helped us determine the many choices in our lives. Every zodiac sign is defined by specific colours, traits, or elements that are the closest interpretation of what suits a person best.

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They have, for the longest time, helped determine our personalities, understand what suits us best, and also warned us against any negativity that we should be wary of. Even the most non-believing person may from time to time scroll over the horoscope accounts on social media to give it a check. So, why not just look up your zodiac sign for the perfect lipstick that fits your personality? Just like there is a lehenga for every zodiac sign out there, there is a lipstick shade that fits the personality profile of each zodiac sign. 

Lipstick Colours That Suit Your Zodiac Sign

♈ Aries

Not the kinds that shy away from a challenge, Aries never do anything half-heartedly. They’re always wanting to take initiative and get new projects and relationships off the ground. And their makeup choices certainly echo with their energetic lifestyle. So, lipsticks in an eye-catching shade of red for a wedding function would make the perfect choice with their personality.

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo

Source Nykaa

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♉ Taurus

Known to be the zodiac sign with a more refined personal style, Tauruses are very practical in their clothing and beauty choices. Hence, they always want to choose a lipstick that they can pair with anything, so they might veer toward darker tones of nude or pink or a mix of both to match with their celebratory outfit.

NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie CreamSquad Goals

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♊ Gemini

With a Gemini, what you see isn’t always what you get. They’re prone to changing their minds because they get so easily distracted, therefore they are likely to choose any colour, which can come in two finishes, one matte and one glossy. Their choice would vary more in terms of texture variations, but they would still stick to bright shades of pinks and reds, as they always hold a more unexpected element to them.

Rimmel London Provocalips 16Hr Kiss proof Lip Colour- Flirty Fling

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♋ Cancer

Cancers like to share their love with the people closest to them, and they give off very feminine and motherly energy. However, they’re not too fond of going out, so their wedding ensembles would be fancy but not too out there. They prefer a lipstick that doesn’t look out of place in the comfort of their own home. Think warmer shades of pink or red.

Nykaa Matte Luxe Lipstick - Vintage

Source Nykaa

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♌ Leo

Not ones to shy away from the spotlight, Leos love when the attention is on them. Leo brides can be a bit dramatic with their personality and style choices. Expect a bold orange-red lipstick that evokes Old Hollywood glamour will surely turn heads when they walk down that aisle. 

Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick - Groundbreaker

Source Nykaa

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♍ Virgo

Virgos like everything to be multifunctional, and they’re also more health-conscious. A lipstick that hydrates and adds a hint of colour will keep them looking fresh. However, they don't shy away from subtle yet bold pinks and purples, especially during a special occasion like a wedding. 

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick - 273 Plum Melody

Source Nykaa

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♎ Libra

Libras are quick to embrace their inner romantic and chose colours that stay in while standing out. They want a lipstick that can transition from the office to date night, such as one in an ultrafeminine earthy shade of brown with a hint of pink undertone.

SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick - 12 Don Fawn

Source Nykaa

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♏ Scorpio

Scorpios come across as intense, and they tend to dress in darker colours. They’re not ones to engage in a lot of small talks, as they would rather get to know someone on a deeper emotional level. And with a personal style that oozes sex appeal, lipstick shades in hues of bold red go best with their intense style.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick - El Cinco De Mayo

Source Nykaa

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♐ Sagittarius

Sagittariuses like to be on the move, or else can grow restless. They like beauty products that can take them from day to night in a way that looks natural. Rather than changing shades to match the time of the day, they prefer a fabulous colour that can be worn for both day and night time celebrations like bright pinks with hints of purple. 

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick - Flat Out Fabulous

Source Nykaa

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♑ Capricorn

Ambitious, Persistent, Realistic, Practical, Disciplined, Sensitive- there are many ways to describe a Capricorn. However, Capricorns stand by the items that they know work. They don’t like to make a huge fuss over their clothing and makeup, so they prefer lipstick in shades of nude and beige. They want something that pairs well with their timeless style.

Kay Beauty Matteinee Matte Lipstick- Faux Pas

Source Nykaa

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♒ Aquarius

An Aquarius is a free spirit. They like their independence, and they don’t appreciate others who tell them what to do or how to dress. And to match their amazing personality, a lipstick that adjusts its shade based on their unique energy will ensure that Aquarius is never wearing the same colour as anyone else. This colour will be bold and unique just like an Aquarian bride. 

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon With Free Sharpener - Day Dream 34

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♓ Pisces

Pisces is drawn to all things mystical and can often find it difficult to stay grounded in reality. They prefer to spend time with their head in the clouds, so they might choose a softer colour that matches their pastel personality. It will probably be a nude mix of pink and brown, which holds dreamlike qualities to compliment the bride's personality. 

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream- Cannes

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