Latest Chooda Designs & Trends for 2018-19 Brides

Divya Arora, 10 Sep 2018

Having its traditional significance deep rooted in our cultural past yet being one of the highlights of a bridal style statement, choodas are undeniably the most loved accessories by a new bride (of course after lehenga!)

The unparalleled quintessence of those red and white bridal bangles is something that every woman has desired for since she was a little girl fantasizing about her wedding day! But, since changing times call for changing trends which is apparent with 'everything weddings' why should our bridal chooda designs be left behind, right?

While some women are all hearts for the classic red choodas, we've seen a lot of brides experimenting with their designs and colors and even completely ditching them while opting for bangle and kada sets perfectly coordinating with their outfits.

So all you brides-to-be out there seeking some inspiration and latest chooda trends, this blog is absolutely for you. Here we show you how some brides let go of those red choodas and adorned something different and well you can too!

Umm, let's begin already?

Latest Chooda Styles & Designs for 2018 Brides

1. Choodas in unique and different colors

Ladies, do away with those basic red choodas and instead opt for some unique trending colors (just like those unique hued lehengas). Going for varied hues of pinks, peaches, oranges or a completely white set looks super gorgeous and is definitely an "in thing".

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2. Doing the basic red choodas with a twist

If you want to adorn a red chooda but still want to experiment with the look of it, then take some cues from these brides. Go minimal or pair it up with green bangles or gold kadas or wear it simply without those ivory haathidaant kadas; the choice is yours!

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3. Bangle and kada sets

If you want to do away with the choodas altogether, then go ahead with bangle and kada sets. Loads of bangles paired up with gold, silver, diamond, kundan or enameled kadas is basically how you should go about this.

Infact, having those bangles color coordinating with your outfits amidst the huge kadas looks best! Have a look!

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So, how are you going to experiment with your choodas? Tell us in the comments.