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27+ Latest & Creative Bridesmaids Photo Ideas to Bookmark RN!

Medha Chawla, 14 Jan 2019

What's even a wedding album without some fun and unique bridesmaids photos! And we love how brides and bridesmaids are teaming up with wedding photographers like never before to seal their hearty bond in the most picturesque ways. Whether it is about incorporating fun props or slaying in coordinated outfits or simply getting caught candid while dolling up the bride, latest bridesmaids photos are all about capturing the raw emotions and sassiness with an added dash of creativity.

Well, we recently spotted a lot of creative bridesmaids photos that not only brilliantly capture the lovely bond of the bride and bridesmaids but are also full of new ideas. So if you also want some posey and beautiful bridesmaids photos, keep scrolling till last and you will be bundled with oodles of ideas.

Unique bridesmaids photo ideas we spotted recently

1. A super creative shot with happy bridesmaids and the bride's mirror reflection in the middle!

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2. Totally crushing over this hearty 'plandid' shot on the bed! *Truly a steal-worthy idea!*

3. What's a girl squad without some sass!

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4. Dolling up the princess on her most special day

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5. The classic 'dupatta placing' shot

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6. Lovin' this foodie bride and her gang!

7. Get caught while sharing giggles and wide smiles!

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8. How about going quirky and having a fun picture like this?

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9. A frame-worthy shot with bridesmaids dressed in coordinated outfits and holding floral bouquets!

10. The bridechilla and her gleeful squad!

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11. Get your coordination game strong with these cutesy unicorn slippers

Concept shoot by Brides of India
Source The Aww Store

12. Show off those coordinated outfits

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13. Let the vibrant decor be a perfect backdrop for your group pictures!

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14. Watch the bride smoke her last cigarette as a bachelor!

15. And don't forget to share some vodka shots!

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16. The bridal entry may delay but a 'getting ready photoshoot' with the girlies is a must!

17. Gather around that vibrant mehndi jhoola

Photoshoot conceptualised by Meha Bhargava of Styl.Inc Wedding Stylists

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18. This photo of bride and her squad during kaleera ceremony is so aesthetically pleasing! 

Source Deo Studios

19. Don't miss out on having this mandatory shot of your glam squad on the dance floor

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20. Let the bride shine in her glory!

21. Girls, lend some calm to the bride before she takes the plunge.

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22. Sure, pose with her but adjust her lehenga as well! :P

23. Drenched in the joy of dancing!

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24. Pose against a lush green backdrop.

25. Have some memorable photos with bridesmaids at the bridal shower as well!

26. We're majorly haearting the colour block in this photo!

27. Do have a beauteous photo like this while escorting the bride to the stage!

Source Memoirz

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28. Use the bride's elaborate veil as a prop, because why not! :P

29. Or wear those traditional turbans!


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