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Know What Made This Bride Fight With A Bridal Studio For 8 Long Years!

Sanchita Sehgal, 14 Sep 2017

Patience really pays off.

A Delhi-based woman finally won an 8 year prolonged legal battle against a bridal shop in Chandni Chowk that devastated her wedding day by making her lehenga 2 inches short. (Just think what a traumatic experience would it be for her!)

Let's Start Digging It

In her complaint, she said that a month prior to the wedding date in the year 2008, she had gone shopping for her lehenga with her fiance. On her first trial, she figured out that the length of her lehenga was two inches short in length and the bottom was not even in shape. Later, she was promised by the shop that the defect would be shaped up before her D-day. The promises were not kept and it was given to the bride-to-be a few days before the marriage and thinking it to be done the way she wanted, she did not go for one more trial. And finally, when her special day arrived, she was stunned to find the alterations were not made in the dress. She and her family were in a state of shock but with no option left with her, she wore the lehenga at her wedding with tears in her eyes.

The Store Saga

After this betrayal, when she approached the store to work on the length of the lehenga, she stated that the store manager kept the lehenga with them and also came up with a fish story of the pressure of workload and lack of staff. She lost her temper when she got to know that on the pretense of making things right, an extra piece of cloth was added to the dress that made it more worse to wear. When she raised a voice about it, she was abused.

The Judicial Angle

She fought against the shop and after 8 long years, the store had to pay the original cost of the lehenga i.e. ₹64,000. And, also got a compensation of ₹50,000 as directed by the Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal. The shop also had to pay Rs 5 lakhs to the consumer welfare fund as damages in respect to the mental and physical damage caused to the person.

Better late than never, finally the justice is given to her!