Just In: Shreya Ghoshal marries long time beau Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya

Divya Bhasin, 06 Feb 2015

Sensational and melodious Shreya Ghoshal is now married to Entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya!!


Much speculated wedding of Shreya Ghoshal happened so silently that media was the last to know. Shreya announced her wedding on Twitter with lots of positivity and happiness. "Jadu hai nasha hai.." singer married her long time boyfriend Shiladitya in a bengali traditional ceremony as noted from her attire. Shreya posted a picture on Twitter tweeting her mysterious matrimony. Earlier, the Dola Re Dola singer also tweeted saying, ‘Don’t know if I’m super nervous or super excited.. Never felt like this b4. Whatever I am up to I will let u know soon;) but need your wishes,’ hinting at her marriage.

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There was only assumptions, till the time Shreya posted her picture on Twitter with Shiladitya. ’Married the love of my life @shiladitya last night surrounded by our families and close friends, exciting new life awaits’ she later tweeted.

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The insight we could gather on Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya, an entrepreneur, Founder & CTO of Rasilant Technologies. He loves gadgets and music sung by Shreya.. Shiladitya also happens to be the founder of hipcask.com which is promoted as a platform to discover wines, whiskies & beer. Shreya and Shiladitya’s wedding was secretive, even after being in a longterm relationship, Shreya hardly spoke to media about the same. She opted twitter like many other B-town stars to make the announcement and we are soo happy for Shreya!!

We wish the newly weds a prosperous married life ahead!

Stay Tuned!! We will update you on this latest story and more..

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Source: Twitter