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JUST IN: Let Your Guests Happily Swing In These Colourful Jhoolas!

Sanchita Kalra, 27 Mar 2017

Do you know what makes a wedding even more special? All the love and tiny careful details that go into planning one. While you would have planned the perfect jhoola seating on your mehendi for yourself, how about installing more swing sets for your guests too?

Yes, it’s time to take your guests back to memorable childhood days as we spotted swing sets solely for the guests recently at a few weddings. So much fun and exciting!

Image Credits: Dream Diaries 

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All you need:

  • A couple of swing sets
  • A lot of vibrant decor stuff that can be easily DIY’ed [Read more here]
  • And you are all SET!


Image Credits: Wedding Nama | Decor Courtesy: The Wedding Designers

These swing sets not only add a little extra entertaining element but also make as a brilliant photo booth option and provide a look of a lounge/cafe as well! And hey, your little guests will love it too, and so do we!

Featured Image Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

Before it becomes too cliched, add one in your decor! Share your thoughts about these swing sets with us in the comments below!