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Just In: Bridal Entry with Bridesmaids Holding Phoolon Ki Chaadar!

Shinjini Chawla, 04 Jul 2017

Bridesmaids are taking over the world of Indian weddings!

While the number one priority at a wedding has always been the bride (come on, boys, it was never about you), the focus on her gang of girls has seen a quick rise in recent times.

From bridal baraats to bridesmaid photo shoots, the bride tribe is everywhere! We’ve barely left anything in the “only boys do that” category.

Our next target was - who holds the phoolon ki chaadar under which the bride makes her grand entry?

Traditionally, it was a task assigned to the bride’s uncles and brothers. More recently, we spotted brides walking in with their parents (which we LOVED!). Cut to July 2017 and we’re seeing bridesmaids swapping roles with the males in the family for this task!

Sings *Who run the world? Girls!* in my heart.

What do you think? Will you prefer to have your girlfriends hold up that chaadar, or do you think we need to leave something for the poor boys?!

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