Just In: A Bride Just Wore Floral Kalire on Her Wedding and We Can’t Keep Calm! 

Bhavika Vallecha, 15 Sep 2017

We’re sure you are much aware of the floral jewelry trend at our mehendi functions but did you ever think of wearing any element of floral jewelry on your big day? Maybe, maybe not!    Breaking the odds, our ex Miss India USA, Natasha Arora wore floral kalire on the day of the wedding and we can’t stop swooning. The never-seen-before floral kalires had an unusual length and were in white roses of different sizes, making it look like typical kaliras. Moreover, she wore both the kaliras in one hand instead of two which looked much manageable and graceful.

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Completely impressed!       And by the way, Natasha also runs her own fashion label by the name ‘BZAI by Natasha Arora’. She had a grand, rustic and a classy wedding in Dallas where in she complemented the decor and the feel of the wedding in the most beautiful way, wearing a baby peach, fully embellished lehenga.

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We think this newest floral kalire are going to be a huge success as they look so in-place and hassle-free and they won’t even tangle in your lehengas. *wink wink*