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Just Engaged? Here’s 10 Things to Kickstart Your Wedding Preps With!

ShaadiSaga, 04 Jan 2016

Congratulations! Another level – unlocked! Now, now, celebrate this event like a big deal all you want, but don’t get swayed away just yet. It may be a long way from the ring exchange to walking down the aisle, but with your wedding just months away, there’s a lot that needs to be done. To save you from all the frenzy, allow us to jot down the ten things you can start with. Right from the fun elements to the serious, important tasks, we’ve got you all covered! Take a look:

1. Get a manicure

Say whaaa? Well, that big rock on your fingers ain’t gonna show itself! Get a manicure right away for the bling on your fingers is going to be the talk of the town for the next few days. A manicure makes the job easy by creating a nice, neat look for your hands.

2. Create a Timeline

After the manicure, get serious! If there’s a gap of months between your engagement day and the wedding, create a timeline on a calendar, enlisting tasks under each week/month. This way, it’s easy for you to start working on, and track, the million activities that lead to a successful wedding.

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3. Start taking care of your skin

Well, duh! Stop going out in the sun without dabbing sunscreen, and book an appointment with a skin clinic for a general checkup. Once the dermatologist lists out the problem areas, start working on them accordingly. Our recco: home remedies are truly your best bet!

4. Sign up for a body toning class

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Girl’s gotta look all sexy and toned in a saree, eh? Even if you have zero fat to lose before the wedding (you, lucky, you!), sign up for a body toning class anyway, for that’ll ensure that your body looks tout in the many revealing, sleeveless cholis and delicate sarees. The last thing you want is that unpleasant fat hanging from your arms and belly.

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5. Research, Research, Research

Credits: WeddingBells What’s trending? How to cut costs creatively? How do celebs organize a grand wedding ceremony? This time between your engagement and wedding will come handy for tons of research. Just like you stumbled upon this article, there are thousands of others online as well as offline to help you learn more about planning a successful wedding!

6. Sketch your 5-year plan with ze fiancé!

Start dreaming about what’s about to come once the mayhem of the wedding is over. A discussion about everything from your own house, a car, kids, and your respective careers will keep you motivated for the months to come. After all, it’s all about starting a life together as equals, isn’t it?

7. Start saving for the wedding

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you kept some money aside for the little expenses that could be of great help to your folks. Spending your own money on stuff like salon appointments, footwear, or even the honeymoon, will give you immense pride and a feeling of smugness for your wedding.

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8. Shortlist your venue

Credits: Chandni Dua Photography While usually, it’s the parents who carry out such an important activity, it’s vital that you keep your suggestions handy too. This way, once you’ve arrived at a decision, you’ll have enough time to incorporate the elements you always dreamed of for your wedding. Keep this task for the end, and you may have to compromise with what your wedding planner comes up with.

9. Book in-demand vendors

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As with the venue, in-demand vendors often keep a 3 to 6 month booking gap from the D-day. If you postpone this task for the last minute, you might miss out on having some amazing, high-profile vendors for the ceremony.

10. Spare time for fun!

Credits: Mahima Bhatia Photography Amidst all the craziness, don’t forget to make the most of this time which you’re never going to get to experience again. Embarking on a new journey with your partner can be exhilarating, only if you don’t get lost amidst a pool of tasks. Set aside time for romantic dates, drinks with friends, and loads of fun to keep yourself relaxed and happy all throughout. Featured Image: Rohan Mishra Photography