Just 20 Photos that prove Sindoor Moment is the most Soul-stirring of all!

Medha Chawla, 10 Aug 2018

With so many rituals and ceremonies, Indian weddings are undeniably a mixed platter of emotions. While Jaimala elicits hearty laughs, Vidaai, on the other hand, brings out some heartfelt tears; if Kanyaadan makes hearts go heavy, then Jutta chhupaai brings some mischievous vibes. Each ceremony has its own significance and evokes a different set of emotions. However, out of them all, the Sindoor moment has all our hearts.

So, we thought to compile some beautiful photos of this rawly emotional moment, and we are sure, they will leave you awed!

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Hailed as one of the most sacred rituals, the ‘ek chutki sindoor’ moment is worth being captured. In fact, no wedding album is complete without a photograph of this lovely moment. Even the brides’ expressions are just unmissable! some brides are all smiles, others feel too nervous - but one thing remains common, i.e. the sudden glow that every bride develops as soon as her groom fills her maang with sindoor.

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Aren't these pictures absolutely gorgeous? Also, tell us what do you think about the Sindoot moment in the comments section.