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Even the uncanniest of love stories exist. We may not always see them, but they're happening around us all the time. 

Such is the story of Juhi and Manohar, a couple that met each other on LinkedIn (of all the available social media platforms to socialise!). Yet, after being friends for 4 years and dating for two of those four years, the couple finally decided to tie the knot in the April of 2020. However, in 2020, no wedding story has happened without its set of challenges. Scroll down below to know more!

Introducing Juhi & Manohar's Intimate Wedding in Agra

"As strange as it may sound," said Juhi, "We met through LinkedIn."

Having known each other for 4 years and then being together in a relationship for 2 of those 4, Juhi and Manohar were a couple who always had plans to get married. And like every couple planning their dream day, Juhi and Manohar have grand plans for their wedding as well. It was immensely detailed oriented and planned in the most personalised way possible. However, their plans seemed almost ruined all 'thanks' to the global pandemic. 

But you know what they say. People in love can strive through any hardship. 

And so, Juhi & Manohar began planning their intimate wedding and thus, #MAHIFOREVER was born. Initially, they docked their original wedding date to an unknown one. But, as the lockdown turned to an 'Un-lock' and then relaxations began happening around them, the couple knew that this was the best time to get married, rather than to wait another year or two. Once the date was changed, the couple moved onto downsizing their guest list, which was cut down from 450 attendees to just 30 of their closest of family. 

The couple finally planned on a wedding at their resident city's hotel Trident Agra. It was a small, two-day affair which consisted of their engagement and then their wedding. And even though their guest list was small, they learnt a vital lesson, which was that the ultimate joy of a wedding comes when you have the closest of your family and friends in attendance.

"Despite everything going upside down our desire to make things personalized did not go for a toss," Juhi said. The couple added a personal touch to their wedding, by providing each guest with a welcome note upon their check-in into the hotel, which was personally written by the bride herself. The best part was that each moment of this intimate wedding was captured in amazing candids that will forever be cherished by the couple and their loved ones alike. 

Intimate Engagement Ceremony

The  #MAHIFOREVER celebration began with an intimate engagement celebration. Held at Trident Hotel, Agra, the celebration was doused in hues of gold, reds and yellows. For this, Juhi wore a golden yellow lehenga with light layered Kundan and greenstone jewellery. Her groom, on the other hand, dressed up in a dapper blue sherwani with a heavily embroidered stole to match the set. 

Magical Wedding Day

Following their engagement, the couple celebrated their wedding at the venue with a gathering of 30 people. For the wedding, Juhi looked fabulous in a scintillating peach-pink lehenga paired with gold and off-white kundan jewellery and a nice blushed up makeup look. Manohar, on the other hand, changed his look up a bit and wore a smart blue suit with a blue-pink patterned tie. 

Post Wedding Celebrations

Even after the wedding was over, the fun had not ended just yet. The couple wished to have endless photographs of their wedding, to immortalise their wedding. So, exactly 2 weeks later, they visited the hotel once again and had a post-wedding shoot done once more at the same locations. To quote the bride, "Pictures speak louder than any number of words. And as we age, they become memories worth a lifetime."

And as she said so herself, each picture speaks louder than words for their quaint yet wonderful celebration. They had fun, it was wholesome and they couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venue: Trident Hotel, Agra | Wedding Photographer: Shekhar Garg Photography | Bride's Outfit: Manyavar Mohey | Groom's Outfit: Manyavar Mohey | Makeup Artist: Looks Salon, Agra; Ankita Ahuja | Mehndi Artist: BR Mehandi Art | Wedding Decorator: Sumangalam | Wedding Gifts & Favors: Gopaldas


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Meet Juhi & Manohar - A Couple Who Met Each Other on LinkedIn!

by Shivani Singh

Meet Juhi & Manohar - A Couple Who Met Each Other on LinkedIn!