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32+ Jhoola Decor Ideas For An Intimate Wedding That'll Add The Cutesy Element!

Shivani Singh, 04 Sep 2020

Do you know what makes a wedding truly special? The decor! Honestly, we love the bright colours and the careful details that go into creating and decorating wedding venues for various functions. There are themes in place, specific colours, and elements that bring out the best and put stars on the celebration (sometimes literally!). There are so many beautiful tiny details that go into planning decor that come together to form the perfect look. And one of those elements is a jhoola. 

Jhoolas make for amazing additions to a wedding function. And when it comes to intimate weddings, having a jhoola at home helps a lot with the decor. Now, we're not saying that you should put a plain jhoola in the middle of your mehendi celebration. To make it the quintessential cutesy element of a celebration, it's the best thing is to decorate your jhoola yourself!

Yes, decorating the swing yourself is not at all difficult. If you're up for the task, then you can utilise this very element with the right decor and make it a part of your wedding. So, scroll down below and check out all the ways you can decorate your jhoola, just in time for your wedding!

Delightful Jhoola Decor Ideas For Intimate Weddings

Minimal Jhoolas

One of the most popular items at an intimate wedding might be minimally decorated jhoolas. These swing sets look classy, elegant and in every way add that much-needed pop of colour to an event. They can be as simple as being covered in light marigold flowers, or can even be decorated in light artificial flowers and leaves. The choice is yours!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Single Jhoolas

Single jhoolas make for gorgeous additions to any wedding celebration. We suggest that they make an excellent addition to a mehendi or haldi celebration. Covered in roses, or baby's breath and orchids, single jhoolas have a very unique and rustic charm to them which only enhance the beauty of every merrymaking.

Source Artfoto

Marigold Covered Jhoolas

Marigolds, or genda phools, are staple wedding flowers. Bright yellow and orange, these flowers have helped create some of the most iconic decorations for weddings and will keep doing so in the future as well. Here are a few jhoola decor ideas which involve heavy use of marigold flowers. Scroll down to pin your favourites!

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Source Anoopphotog

Gorgeous Round Jhoolas

Round jhoola designs aren't generally found in a general home setting. But if you do have one or have the opportunity to get one made for your wedding, then we say aye! They're whimsical and almost fairytale-like and once at the intimate wedding venue, they also make for the perfect photobooths. 

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Heavily Decorated Vibrant Jhoolas

Do you know what truly makes a decorated jhoola even more attractive? A heavily decorated jhoola! From tassels to artificial flowers (or real flowers!), there is so much that you can do with all the material that's there in the world. Honestly, it's an ocean of options to choose from. Cover your swings up in the most beautiful decoration material and let it glow like the much-deserved centrepiece of all times!

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