19 Photos that prove Jaimala is the most FUN Ceremony of all!

Medha Chawla, 08 Nov 2018

Indian wedding festivities are nothing less than a mixed bag of emotions. There are so many ceremonies and each of them evokes a different set of emotions—Baraat is all about fun and frolic whereas Vidaai makes eyes go wet. While Sindoor moment is soul-stirring, Joota Chhuppai, on the other hand, makes everyone go mischievous. And then there is Jaimala ceremony, the one that often turns into a competition, and elicits hearty laughs from the couple and drenches everyone in the cheery mode. That’s exactly why we heart this ceremony the most.

Exchanging jaimalas is the first ritual that marks the union of the bride and groom on the wedding day! Apart from being traditionally significant, it is also that zealous moment when even the shyest brides burst into laughs. So, we thought to compile some joyous photographs of this hearty moment, and we are sure, they will leave you awed!

Be ready, these extremely adorable pictures of couples sharing a light moment while exchanging jaimalas are gonna leave you smiling wide. 

The notorious groom

The bride's *Mission accomplished* expression says it all

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When family joins in to make it merrier!

The groom's ecstatic expression has our hearts! 

And here's the the playful bride!

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The moment is like drenching in the rain of joy!

What's a Jaimala ceremony without some fun?

And oh, look at this jolly couple! All excited to exchange the Jaimalas!

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We're crushing over this sassy bride and her 'Yes, I did it' face!

That fun moment when you tease your bride on the D-day!

Our most favourite picture in this list! *For obvious reasons*

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When your loved ones lift you on their shoulders to make it more gleeful!

The contagious expressions of sheer delight ! *Awww*

When the happiness knows no bounds!

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The bride having her share of fun! 

The face beaming with happiness!

Exchanging Jaimalas with all those giggles

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Yet another notorious groom being playful during Jaimala ceremony!


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