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Dearest, brides-to-be! Now that you are almost done with the wedding preparations and have finalized on your wedding venue and outfits, it's time to plan a memorable bachelorette trip with your girl gang. Not just to indulge in some pre-wedding madness, but also to spend some quality time with your BFFs. After all, you're soon going to embark on a new journey with your beloved. So, before you bid adieu to your bachelorhood and take the plunge, head out on a fancy & unforgettable getaway with your girlies and make the most of this time. 

There are a lot of exotic locations with breathtaking scenery that you can consider for your bachelorette. But because we've already covered the Indian locations, this time around we've got some exciting international locations for a bride's bachelorette trip. Whether you're looking for a location that boasts of sandy beaches with turquoise waters or the one with amazing nightlife and mesmerizing heritage sites, you'll find them all in the list. Just pick one that best suits your needs!

Beautiful Locations for an International Bachelorette Trip

1. Vietnam

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With pristine beaches, beguiling colonial structures, sparkling bays, breathtaking paddy fields and colourful culture, Vietnam truly makes for one exciting international location for a bride's bachelorette trip. Whether you want to go an intimate dinner date in caves with your girlies, witness some beauteous heritage sites or experience the nightlife of the bustling cities, you can do it all in Vietnam. And the best part is that it is fairly economical when it comes to travelling & stay. So, you can definitely choose it over any other luxury destination.

2. Miami

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If your gang of fierce girls is way too fond of partying, Miami is the place to be. This beautiful & vibrant city in Florida boasts of an awesome nightlife and has endless partying options in store for you. However, one can also witness other attractions like their Latin culture, gorgeous beaches & museums in the day. Even though the city is a tad pricey, it's worth the one-of-a-kind experience it can lend you. 

3. Mykonos

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Famous for its whitewashed buildings, sun-kissed beaches, crystal blue waters and happening nightlife, this less-explored Greece city is a perfect international location for a bride's bachelorette trip. Whether you're a bunch of party goers or bohemian travellers, Mykonos has something to offer to everyone. Impressed by the vibe of this beautiful island, Kaabia Grewal (founder of Outhouse Jewellery) too threw a high-on-style bachelorette in Mykonos with her entire squad clad in customized Shivan & Narresh's Swimwear & Resort Wear Collection.

4. Bali

Surrounded by azure seas and golden beaches, Bali is certainly one of the most sought-after locations for a bachelorette trip. Whether you want to indulge in a therapeutic spa experience, get sun-soaked at the beaches, shop your way across the island or simply go club hopping with your beauties, the gorgeous island has something for everyone. And the fact that stay & travelling in Bali is also decently priced makes it more convincing for a bride-to-be and her entourage to pack their bags and head to this beautiful location.

5. Dubai

Best known for its swanky nightclubs, gleaming skyscrapers, crumbling sand dunes & luxury shopping malls, this dazzling city is one of the most suitable international locations for a bride's bachelorette trip. There are gobs of things you can do in Dubai with your girl squad-you can go wander around the city, witness the azure skies, party in a luxurious villa, try quad-biking across the desert dunes or shop till you drop from the glitzy malls. So, just book your tickets now!

6. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful island nations across the world. With serene golden beaches, beguiling mountains, lush green tea gardens and colonial towns, this scenic country qualifies to be a go-to place for a fun-filled bachelorette trip. You can celebrate your last days of bachelorhood with your ladies in Sri Lanka by indulging in varied experiences like relaxing at a private pool villa, trying some adventurous water sports, lazing around by the beaches, partying on a private cruise, clubbing, shopping etc.

7. Phuket

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Usually known for its palm-lined beaches and beautiful waters, Phuket is also a treasure trove of picturesque views, amazing nightlife, romance-filled atmosphere and glorious sunsets. Which is why it makes for a perfect location for a bride's bachelorette trip. When holidaying in Phuket with your bridesmaids, you can sunbathe at the sandy beaches, try watersports like scuba diving, snorkelling or speed boating, savour Thai delicacies and witness their colonial architecture.

8. Cambodia

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Home to elusive wildlife, stunning landscapes, white sand beaches and iconic temples, the Southeast Asian nation, Cambodia is an ideal choice for a thrilling getaway with your girl gang. The quaint town has an intriguing history and abundance of beautiful heritage sites. Even though it's not a popular choice amongst travellers, it is sure to leave you and your lovelies mesmerized.


Where are you planning to head out to for your bachelorette trip? Share with us in the comments.

Best International Locations for a Bachelorette Trip with your Bride Squad!

by Anupriya Khanna

Best International Locations for a Bachelorette Trip with your Bride Squad!