Pride Month Special: Most Adorable & Awe-inspiring Indian LGBTQ Weddings

Shreya Gupta, 19 Jun 2019

Love often shows up uninvited, takes away our breath and is such an invigorating feeling and we end up waiting for the next wave to hit us much before the high from the first one fades. Everyone has a different definition of love, some say it is found between the warm and ruffled sheets while some feel it in their lover’s smile and others say that the silent support of their beloved is the greatest prophecy of love. The bottom line being, there is no set definition of love. Each one of us experiences it differently, in different forms, in varying situations and with equally different kinds of people. But that is not to say that any of those forms of love are not worth celebrating. Then be it a gay or a lesbian or a heterosexual wedding, all are the same and hold the same amount of respect in our hearts!

Yes guys it’s already been a year since the supreme court verdict of decriminalization of section 377 and here we are today, celebrating the ‘Pride Month’ with a lot of pride in our hearts! Resonating with the unbound and unconditional love, we have got you the magical love stories of much in love couples who stood by the society norms to win the love of their life!

8 Most Heartwarming Indian LGBTQ Weddings

1. Shannon & Seema

Love at first sight seems to be a myth right? Well it proved to be true in the case of this romantic couple Shannon & Seema. They are first Indian-American lesbain couple to get married and hosted an Indian style grand wedding ceremony at the SmogShoppe in Los Angeles, and we are loving it to bits! In keeping with Hindu tradition, Seema was carried into her wedding on a Doli by her family and friends. The intimate and vibrant pictures of the wedding show that they are deeply in love!


2. Amit Patel & Martin Fulton

Much like any other love story from the digital era, Amit and Martin were introduced by a mutual friend on facebook. The two volleyed texts, calls and Skype dates for a few months, before Martin, who was living in Michigan back then to pursue a degree in Biology and Chemistry, flew to New York City to meet Patel. In March 2011, they met for the first time at LaGuardia Airport. The couple shared a long distance relationship for a long time till they decided to get married. The couple tied the knot in a multicultural wedding because Amit wanted a big-fat Indian wedding while a christian ceremony was hosted for Martin. After the christian wedding ceremony, Martin said “The wedding was a culmination of years of hearing, planning and dreams that actually came true”. This gay couple’s wedding is all about true love and affection for each other.


3. Rashmee & Stephanie

This adorable love story started when Rashmee and Stephanie met through a lesbian dating site and magazine called while living in different cities. After months of talking online Stephanie moved from Tenneessee to New York to be with Rashmee and that's when both found true love. Rashmee and Stephanie's wedding was hosted at New york's  Eventi Hotel and was a simple yet glam affair. The gorgeous pictures of the wedding made us go gaga and we are gushing over the candid captures of the much in love couple.


4. Keshav Suri & Cyril

Keshav Suri, the executive director of the Lalit Hotels and Cyril Feuillebois, the founder of Kronokare Cosmetics exchanged rings and vows in an intimate beach wedding in Goa and it is extremely charming. Surrounded by their closest, this quaint wedding is a treat for our eyes! Donning statement Shantanu & Nikhil outfits for the day, both Keshav and Cyril looked crisp and dapper! And we love how the wedding pictures are overflowing with unconditional love and sheer happiness.

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5. Reema Tharani & Priya Arora

Reema Tharani and Priya Arora found love in each other and had a beautiful destination wedding in Cancun. The destination wedding was done as per the Hindu traditions with mehendi and haldi ceremony and a day wedding along the sea shore. Both Reema and Priya firmly believe in gender fluidity and after facing a lot of friction from their community, Priya, Reema and their friends took it upon themselves to make life better for LGBT couples. The happy couple is surely an inspiration for all the LGBTQ couples out there! And not to forget, the charming couple looked breathtakingly beautiful in Indian traditional wear for all of their wedding functions. 


6. Vaibhav & Parag

This Indian descent couple saw each other for the first time during a Pride Parade and there was an instant feeling of affection. Vaibhav sought to further it, looked up Parag on Facebook and sent him a message. The two started to know each other and eventually Vaibhav asked Parag for a dinner date at a Thai Restaurant. Their first date remains truly memorable as they spent two hours talking and when they left it starting raining. The two hit off really well and Vaibhav moved in with Parag after some time. As time passed, both Vaibhav and Parag started falling deeper and love and confessed their feeling for each other. The two later decided to get married in a traditional Indian Wedding along with their family and friends. 


7. Sean & Jono

Sean and Jono's wedding is an amazing blend of cultures, fun and love. The couple had an incredible Indian Fusion Wedding. Each groom came in a separate Baraat procession, dancing along with family and friends and met in the middle. Both of them wore coordinated ivory nehru jacket with red embroidery and looked their best!


8. Sanjay & Steven

Sanjay, an innovation consultant, and Steven, an orthopedic surgery resident met online in 2014. The pair made plans to grab drinks eventually and immediately hit off very well. The two of them fell for each other and finally decided to get married after dating for quite a long time. The big day, though unseasonably chilly, was filled with the warmth of radiant colors during the baraat, and loving words exchanged at the mandap. The ceremony included both Indian and Catholic traditions. The much in love couple had a fun wedding and everyone danced their hearts off later in the evening. 


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