In A Candid Conversation With Famous Fashion Designer, Anita Dongre At The Vogue 2015 Wedding Show!

Neha Garg, 14 Aug 2015

In the years that have gone by, the definition of a bride has moved from a blushing, timid, quaint girl, to a contemporary, upbeat, fierce woman, who knows what she wants from life. Enter Anita Dongre, one of the most celebrated bridal couture designers in the country today, who strived towards creating a whimsical blend of a bride-to-be’s coyness and sanguinity. Take “The Jaipur Bride” collection by the designer as a masterful instance of Dongre’s ability to drop charming hints of modernity fused with a handful of traditions. You just know that wearing the designer’s label is going to make you feel like a bride, people are bound to remember for long. Vogue (35)

We at Shaadisaga are excited to have chatted exclusively with Anita at the Vogue Wedding Show, held at Taj Palace, Delhi. It was, indeed, marvelous to be at the receiving end of the humility with which she converses. Our tete-a-tete with the designer was nothing short of inspiring; read up on to dig deeper into the world of bridal couture, as interpreted by Anita herself.

Tell us about your collection at the Vogue 2015 Wedding Show.

Vogue (30)

Well, the collection is called ‘Wedding Diaries’. This season for me is not just creating a bride’s wardrobe, but also cater to what all her best friends would wear at the wedding. And, it’s been wonderful from the response I am seeing here from the people. They are really glad that I have offered a variety of designs for the sister of the bride and her friends, and families are coming to buy the outfits. Needless to say, they are really happy with the fact that I have created this whole look from a light occasion, right up to the actual bridal outfit. It features a lot of vintage colors and bright takes. It’s fascinating to see Delhi women fall in love with vintage colors. Makes me glad (laughs).

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Any exclusive fashion tips for the bride-to-be?

Vogue (28)

I keep saying this. Every bride that walks into my store is of the same psychological bent of mind as I am, that they really want to keep it fuss-free. They just want to have fun, and don’t want to be weighed down. When they wear my bridal outfit, I know that they feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. For me, comfort is very important on your wedding day, much more than just having the Anita Dongre label.

Where do you seek the inspiration for your designs?

Vogue (31)

India is tremendously inspirational, and each region has its uniqueness for us designers to seek inspiration from. For me, however, it’s Rajasthan that has held my soul captive.

Where do you see bridal designs in the next 5 years?

Well, fashion is ever-evolving, and is always about newness. For example, one of my clients, upon browsing through my latest collection, recently said, “Oh my god, this is such a new collection”, to which I responded, “Duh! If I’m here at the Vogue Wedding Show, obviously I’m not going to showcase any previous collection of mine”. It always has to be something new, and something the customers won’t expect.

What turns you on creatively?

Vogue (33) Vogue (32) I’m strangely fascinated by the art and craft that India has to offer. It quenches my thirst for inspiration, and lends a lot of creativity that reflects in my collections.

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What do you do for fun?

Well, it’s always either listening to music or dancing that instantly lifts me up, and turns a rather gloomy day into fun.

What is that one thing that people don’t know about Anita Dongre?

Haha! That I can dance like a crazy person!

What, according to you, is that one thing that every woman must have in her wardrobe?

An Anita Dongre gota patti lehenga (smiles).