Your honeymoon is undeniably the most precious vacation of your life which embarks the beginning of your matrimonial bliss. It is that once in a lifetime trip where you bask in the glow of being newlyweds. And it goes without saying that you must leave no stone unturned to make it the most extravagant and luxuriant trip with your bae. We know, after spending a bomb at your wedding, you might want to keep things lowkey for your honeymoon. But come on, it is that one-time event that never comes again which celebrates the most important decision of your life!

Hence, to ensure that you make the most cherishable memories during your honeymoon, here we enlist some important and worth-it experiences to spend money on the honeymoon without any second thoughts.

Best things to spend money while on your Honeymoon

1. A Swanky Suite that spells luxury

No matter your honeymoon destination is an exotic international location or a beauteous destination in India, you must splurge on a super-romantic and swanky suite that will not only spoil you with luxury but also give you extra space for fun! Ahemm. Enjoy couple baths in those massive bathtubs and savor better services and honeymoon perks.

2. A unique activity to make the honeymoon even more memorable

Strengthen your bond by doing adventurous activities together on your honeymoon. Try para-sailing, scuba diving or sky diving to turn your honeymoon from special to unforgettable.

3. Get a valuable souvenir

Come back from your honeymoon with tons of memories and at least one tangible that will remind you of the most cherished trip of your life everytime you look at it.

4. Travel first class

Not many might afford but traveling first class is worth every penny! You can save on cash and redeem all the travel points instead for your honeymoon. Most of us are least likely to even consider the first class for any other regular trip, but your honeymoon is the time that you take the challenge and experience the sheer luxury. 

5. A photographer

Why not have a post-wedding photoshoot and hire a local photographer to seal your hearty moments in some of the most breathtaking & picturesque photographs.

6. Luxe & therapeutic couple spas

If your honeymoon destination boasts of any luxe couple spas, you shouldn't have any double thoughts about splurging on it! Let luxury spoil you both and ooze romanticism.

7. One lavish fancy dinner

Search for a world-renowned restaurant and relish the most lip-smacking and feisty meal of your life during your honeymoon. A lavish and fancy dinner is a MUST on your honeymoon. It can also be an open private dinner on a beach. Find the best option and have the best time with your loved one!


Have a Happy Honeymoon!

7 Things you Should Definitely Splurge On During your Honeymoon!

by Medha Chawla

7 Things you Should Definitely Splurge On During your Honeymoon!